The art of love songs and breakup songs for Valentine's Day

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David Campbell of 89.3 The Current

The Breakup Song: "You Fucked Up" by Ween

CP: People tend to gravitate towards weepier stuff after a breakup. This Ween track is nice and vitriolic. Did you gravitate towards these kind of kiss-off tracks growing up when you were on the romantic mend?

David Campbell: No way, man. That's when I listened to OMD and that kind of stuff when I was younger. But I remember hearing this song from a Ween record, and that's what I kind of like about it. It's something that I would never do or say. It's totally wrong. It's like the worst behavior ever. It's unreasonable. It's pure vitriol and probably unwarranted vitriol. But that's what's appealing about Ween. They do the things that I could never do. They the stuff that I would never say and probably wouldn't ever want to say. There's a line in there, something like "You fucking nazi whore." You also never know whether or not to take Ween seriously either. It's always hard to tell if they're joking or if they're being serious.

CP: That sincerity issue is always a dilemma with Ween. Would you ever feel comfortable putting a Ween track on a mixtape? I feel like there's a lot of room for misinterpretation here. 

DC: I would put Ween songs on a mixtape, but not those kind of Ween songs. I'd go with their softer, psychedelic stuff. If I were to use that one, it would be for a friend who's having problems standing up for themselves a little bit. You know, like when the relationship fails people can beat themselves up and say, "I did this. I did that." Sometimes you just want your friends to have a little bit more of a spine. And that's when a song like that helps a bit. It gives people a kick in the pants. 

CP: Your annual Valentine's Day show with Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles is also touting a mixtape theme this year. Is "I'm gonna make you a mixtape" an old fashioned sentence yet?  

DC: I still do mine on cassette, and I love doing it. You put it all together on paper as you come up with ideas. With CD-Rs, you can just assemble it in iTunes and gauge how it's going to sound pretty easily. You know your timing exactly. But there's a certain amount of guess work to doing them on cassette. What if you run out of tape four seconds before the last song? It's collage art. It's been a while since I started dating someone, but the words, "Let me make you a mix" would still come out of my mouth in this day and age. 

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles are in Big Trouble again; The All-Time Greatest Valentine's Day Mix. All Ages, $14-$16, 7 p.m., Thursday, February 14 at Cedar Cultural Center. Click here.

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