The best concerts in the Twin Cities this week: 2/6-2/12

Saturday 2.9.2013

The Best Love Is Free 4

Fine Line Music Cafe
For those not feeling the implications of Valentine's Day, there's a love-themed party at the Fine Line that is probably better suited for you. Now in its fourth year, the Best Love Is Free is an annual showcase of music, well-dressed audience members, and community connection that's grown bigger each time. The associated compilation CD, which comes free with entry, received over 700 entries for consideration this year, and part of the fun is seeing who made the final cut. Hosted by Botzy of Culture Cry Wolf, the show itself is unique, boasting rare solo sets from Doomtree's Cecil Otter and the Chalice's Sophia Eris (both with their bands in tow), as well as sets from indie-pop locals I, Colossus and South Dakota's live mash-up crew Later Babes. --Jack Spencer
18+, $10-15, 9 PM

Dream Sequence: Featuring Teenage Moods, Prissy Clerks, Nallo, and Gloss
Cedar Cultural Center
Art and music are set to collide at the Cedar for Dream Sequence, bringing together four local bands that will perform alongside art installations and creative projections on display throughout the venue. The catchy, guitar-driven indie rock of Teenage Moods, Prissy Clerks, Nallo, and Gloss will provide a raucous soundscape for a series of imaginative artistic creations, creating a blissful combination of sights and sounds that will boldly transport members of the audience "to a teenage dreamland of garage rock and pillow forts."  --Erik Thompson
AA, $8-10, 7 PM

The Vaccines with San Cisco and France Camp

Triple Rock Social Club
There's always a surplus of bands emerging from London, but the Vaccines have made their way to the top of the deluge by being some of the best at what they do: concise, guitar-led stomp indebted to the Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, and other recent products of Ye Olde English Hype Machine. Both of the quartet's first two albums, 2010's What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? and last year's Come of Age, are among the most consistent rock albums out of the U.K. this side of Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, brimming with crisp leads and frontman Justin Young's Paul Banks-conjuring vocals. Also, face it, there's no way you're leaving this show without one of their songs rattling around your head (probably "If You Wanna," "Wetsuit," or "Teenage Icon").--Mike Madden
18+, SOLD OUT, 8 PM

Ben Frost 

Amsterdam Bar & Hall 
Musician, composer, and producer Ben Frost's stark, sweeping soundscapes are appropriately coated with metaphoric rime, striking in frozen beauty yet harrowing. Frost, an Australian who (fittingly) now lives in Iceland, taps a wide array of influences -- metal, punk, folk, classical, industrial noise, avant-garde minimalism, electronics -- that conspire to forge emotionally complex instrumental forays. It's ambient, but with a volcanic undercurrent that can swamp the unwary. On 2009's By the Throat, for example, melodies (sometimes acoustic and quite lovely) lurk far beneath harsh drones, electronic waves stretching from whispery to titanic, the clanking of metallic fury, and the actual sounds of marauding wolves. In this rare U.S. appearance, Frost will lead a trio featuring Liturgy's Greg Fox on acoustic drums and Paul Corley on synths and electronic drums. The repertoire will include older material as well as fresh stuff destined for a 2013 album --Rick Mason
AA, $10, 8PM

Stomp Out Stomach Cancer: The Benefit with TBA, Gramma's Boyfriend and Pocahontas County 
Turf Club
Stomp Rock 
21+, $20, 8 PM

Ashtray Hearts CD Release with The Starfolk
Softspoken Harmonies
21+, $8, 10:30 PM

Sunday 2.10.2013

Bitch City with Southside Desire and Martin Devaney
Triple Rock
Local Variety
18+, $10, 7 PM

United Teachers of Music

Cause Spirits & Soundbar
Rock 'n' roll has long been a creature of the night, best enjoyed in dim lighting through a smoky spotlight. Cause Spirits & Soundbar, however, is seeking to turn everything upside down with Loud Brunch. The free, all-ages event starts promptly at 11 a.m. and will feature United Teachers of Music, Violent Shifters, and Deaf Mexico. Order a Bloody Mary with your eggs and push the newspaper to the side to catch some loud and energetic rock before Saturday night's hangover has even withered away. United Teachers of Music played their first show in late 2012 and released a debut EP at the same time. Best enjoyed with a side of home fries, the band boasts members of Amish Armada, 20 Dollar Love, New Labor, the Drug Budget, and a whole slew of other recognizable faces. All ages, free, 11 a.m. 3001 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.822.6000. --Loren Green

Coheed & Cambria with Between the Buried & Me, Russian Circles.
First Avenue
Story Rock
AA, $30, 5 PM

The Big Wu with Saints of Circumstance, Chris Lee
Mario's Keller Bar
Minnesota Classics
$10, 7 PM

Monday 2.11.2013

The Cactus Blossoms
Turf Club
Heartbreak Harmonies
21+, $5, 6 PM

Vusi Mahlasela
The Dakota Jazz Club

Revered in his native South Africa and simply but poetically known as the Voice, Vusi Mahlasela wrote the anti-Apartheid anthem "When You Come Back," a joyful tune that initially anticipated the return of those forced into exile. Mahlasela sang it at President Nelson Mandela's inauguration and again at the opening of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The soaring, effervescent energy that Mahlasela and his band -- fueled by an ecstatic crowd -- inject into the tune live is a highlight of his new album, Sing to the People, recorded at a Johannesburg theater to mark the 20th anniversary of his debut album and its famous title track. Mahlasela's graceful, peppery voice glistens with indomitable spirit, and his band simmers on a mix of SA traditional music, township jazz, and international folk and pop while sorting through two decades of Mahlasela nuggets. For this tour, Mahlasela will be accompanied by guitarist Mongezi Ntaka. --Rick Mason
AA, $25, 7 PM

Dead Man Winter with Gabriel Douglas
Triple Rock Social Club
Rugged Vocals
18+, $15, 7:30 PM

Tuesday 2.12.2013

Kishi Bashi and Plume Giant
Triple Rock
18+, $12, 8 PM

Bobby Bare, Jr

Dakota Jazz Club
Nashville Songwriting
AA, $15 7 PM

Lindi Orteg with Dustin Bentall & the Smokes
7th Street Entry
Country Vibe Roots
18+, $10, 7:30 PM

Where I'm Going:

Cody ChesnuTT @ Triple Rock
CLAPS @ The Hexagon

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