The Best Love Is Free: Past, present and future, as told by its founders

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Crista: Adam and Katie [Kroeck] and Sapient together in one room is just kind of a phenomenal mash-up of three minds.

Adam: Last year, she did a watercolor painting video, this year she did it in acrylics. It turned out awesome.

The line-up has some nice variety to it.

Botzy: Credit to Crista Bell on the line-up.

Crista: We have an interesting line-up this year. I think Kay Flay was our wild card last year, I'm not sure who's the wild card this year.

Botzy: Later Babes!

Matt: Later Babes!

Botzy: Later Babes are probably what I'm most excited about. You start the show with a very fragile voice in a happy tone like Sophia, and then I, Colossus... Their new line-up is instrumentally incredible. There's a ton of new material.

Adam: I was blown away by their new set; it's a totally new sound. This line-up is so cool, because it's gonna be this big build.

Botzy: Then Later Babes at the height of the night.. They don't have a vocalist. It's Get Cryphy with a live drummer. The vibe of the night by the time Later Babes comes on...

Crista: It'll be a dance party. 

Botzy: Everybody's dressed fancy, just intoxicated enough to have a crazy awesome dance party, and then followed by somebody serious like Cecil. He's gonna just kill it.

Adam: It's gonna be a totally memorable experience. 

Matt: There's definitely a flavor change throughout the whole night. Each one will be very different, and it'll definitely keep people entertained. I love seeing everyone having a good time and what outfits people come in. You put the concept out and people actually show up and embrace it. It isn't like we're trying to make money, we're trying to get good people together and get them to hang out. It's about the music, it's about the event, but it's more about bringing people together.
Photo by Zoe Prinds-Flash
Check out more of Adam Dunn's video series and be sure to grab your tickets here. Fancy dress encouraged, spread whatever definition of love is yours.

The Best Love Is Free. with Cecil Otter, Later Babes, I, Colossus and Sophia Eris
Hosted by Botzy. Sat, Feb 9th, Fine Line Music Cafe, $10/15

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