West of Aldine: The St. Paul Police told us to turn it down

GN: What's the plan with the new album? Are you looking to tour?

WOA: Yes, we are definitely looking to tour. We are currently booking shows within a 1,000 mile radius from Minneapolis as we really want to spread our music to as many places as possible. Ideally, we would love to start working with larger concert promoters and booking agents. We've already lined up four shows for our Keep the Music high school tour this spring and in March we'll be playing a few showcases down at SXSW in Austin, TX. We also just confirmed a showcase performance at the Beloit International Film Festival in Wisconsin. In the meantime, we'll continue booking regular venues and summer festivals all over the Midwest. By the end of the year, we would love to be living on the road.

GN: Can you tell me more about Keep the Music and how the band is involved with this program?

WOA: Keep the Music is a high school fundraiser tour that we developed on our own from the ground up. Within the public school system, music departments are the first to receive budget cuts. We not only want to raise awareness regarding this tragedy, we also want to be part of the solution.

That said, we donate 20 percent of our merchandise sales at each school that we visit back into their respective music departments. We meet with, speak to, and perform for a variety of music classes and clubs at each school in hopes of rejuvenating their student body about music education. On average, students who engage in music education score 20% higher on tests than those who do not. They also have decreased levels of depression and anxiety. It's amazing the response that we've received and how eager the communities are to get involved once we bring these things to their attention.

GN: What can we expect to see at the album release show?

WOA: Energy. One of the things we thrive on, and seek out in other bands, is raw energy. We personally invited each of the bands on the bill so we can guarantee that the dance floor will be overflowing all night. We have a couple surprises up our sleeve for the evening that we're really excited about as well, but you'll have to come out to see what those are.

WARNING: Attendees will be checked for party pants and dancing shoes at the door. Come prepared.

West of Aldine will release Undivded at the Fine Line Music Cafe on Friday, February 1, 2013 with Lake Avenue, American Revival, and Bigtree Bonsai.
21+, $6, 8 pm

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