The 331 Club's lineup during Art-A-Whirl 2013: Night Moves, Jaill, STNNNG, and more

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The 18th annual Art-A-Whirl, the yearly tradition of rotisserie music and art in northeast Minneapolis returns for the weekend of May 17-19. During the event, which is presented by Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA), the 331 Club and its parking lot turn into a hub of live music for three days straight, and it's all free to those wise enough to get off their hind ends and investigate.

The 331 has announced the music lineup, and it's a hot one. The out-of-town talent includes Milwaukee's Sub Pop signee Jaill (yes, two Ls and pictured above) and FT (The Shadow Government), an experimental/punk Midwest collective with ties to the Modern Radio label. Area acts include Night Moves, Josh Grier's new band Ginkgo, Marijuana Deathsquads, Heavy Deeds, STNNNG, the Blind Shake, Kill the Vultures, and a bunch more packing out indoor and outdoor slots at the club. Check out the full schedule below.

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The 331 Club's events during ART-A-WHIRL 2013

Friday, May 17

12am - The Blind Shake
11pm - Gospel Gossip
10pm - Carroll

9pm - Kill the Vultures
8pm - Jaill (Milwaukee, Subpop)
7pm - Quiet Corral (Kansas City)
6pm - Tramps Like Us

Saturday, May 18

12am - Story of the Sea
11pm - Prissy Clerks
10pm - Sleep Study

9pm - STNNNG (EP release w ft)
8pm - FT (the Shadow Government (EP release w STNNNG)
7pm - Marijuana Deathsquads
6pm - Bomba de Luz
5pm - Heavy Deeds
4pm - Crimes
3pm - The Parlour Suite
2pm - The Ericksons
12pm - The Mayfly Rooks

Sunday, May 19

8pm - Night Moves
7pm - Ginkgo
6pm - The Sunny Era
5pm - The Sudden Lovelys
4pm - Reina del Cid and the Cidizens
3pm - Katey Bellville


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