Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band and Kid Rock at Xcel Energy Center, 3/15/13

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Photo by Steve Cohen

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band and Kid Rock
Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul
Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday night wasn't just the start of another wild Saint Patrick's Day weekend in the Twin Cities. Leave it to Saint Paul to know how to kick it up a notch by bringing to town a heroic dose of Detroit Rock City to the Xcel Energy Center. The double headlining bill featured Kid Rock making history, and his own personal dream come true, by sharing a stage with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

The long-anticipated event did not disappoint as the working class heroes who've maintained a patriotic spirit of their city in their music and on stage for decades sold out the arena.

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In a custom track suit that probably costs more than the average house, Kid Rock commanded the stage with his band, Twisted Brown Trucker, and revved up the audience with a complete set that featured his trademark volatile personality in a larger-than-life display that gave the insane crowd of Rock devotees exactly what they came for.


Photos by Steve Cohen

Like Seger, Kid Rock has capitalized on his ability of being down-home, and reflecting a part of Americana in the massive arena. Though he lives the dream as a rock star, he maintains a realness and ability to relate to the audience during the genre-hopping pinnacle of anthems, fist-raising and flag-waving he's perfected. Honing in on a very real nationalistically motivated presence while feeding his own power of pride for where he's from, his songs and consistent message tapped right into a mutual respect that his massive audience paid in return. There was ample evidence in the response of enjoyment the crowd really has for his music Friday night. In other words, people were going fucking bananas.

Busting out with a couple tracks from last year's Rebel Soul the Kid rocked the whole night away, eventually bringing out the massive hits that had hands waving, fists pumping and everybody digging the groove, singing along during "You Never Met a Motherfucker Like Me."

The "American Bad Ass" did not waste time, and backed by his killer band that included Fargo's own Shannon Curfman, taking a duet and cooling off the crowd for a minute to sing Sheryl Crow's part during "Picture."


Photos by Steve Cohen

With many accolades to the crowd Kid Rock also gave time and many salutes to those serving in the military, his devoted, passionate fans and finally, "I wanna say thank you to the American companies that are helping make this show happen and keeping the tickets cheap."

Giving props to Harley Davidson, Jimmie Dean and Jimmy John's, the crowd roared for "Rock N Roll Jesus." With a short video for Milwaukee Steel and a massive American flag backdrop Kid Rock stood atop his piano leading the crowd gospel revival style through the emotional "Born Free".

Showing genuine gratitude and very personally acknowledging the significance for the evening, Kid Rock saluted the crowd once again, "Tonight we raised the fucking bar. God bless you all. God bless America."

With closed eyes he then embraced the air around him before leaving the stage and returning for a quick and heavy "Bawitdaba" that predictably elicited the biggest burst of crowd insanity of the night so far.

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