City Pages' inaugural 10 Thousand Sounds Festival lineup is here!

Photo by Tony Nelson

With temperatures in the Twin Cities starting to head consistently north of freezing, chatter regarding summer music festivals is also on the rise. So it's as fine a time as any to proudly announce that City Pages has a live music event of its own coming up -- the inaugural 10 Thousand Sounds Festival in downtown Minneapolis.

This new annual event will be held outdoors near the intersection of 8th Street and Hennepin Avenue on Saturday, June 22, and the six acts set to play are a mixture of homegrown artists and locally loved talent based elsewhere. Topping the bill are East Coast indie rockers the Walkmen. Check out all of the 10 Thousand Sounds 2013 performers -- supported vocally by City Pages staffers and readers alike -- below.

Here's the 10 Thousand Sounds 2013 lineup:

The Walkmen performed a killer set at First Avenue last June in support of their lauded seventh album, Heaven. Their live arsenal features Hamilton Leithauser's gravity defying vocal (and emotional) range. He can spill out his entire being on punk-fueled tracks like "The Rat," and but also finds comfort in quieter moments, notably the acoustic meditation "Southern Heart." With Paul Maroon's inventive lead guitar, drummer Matt Barrick's beastly approach behind the kit, and Walter Martin and Peter Bauer ably handling several instruments, every Walkmen show is a tour through a catalog that hasn't quit. Need additional validation? Check their abundant high Pitchfork ratings if you must

Free Energy are based in Philadelphia now, but many locals still claim the party-friendly retro rockers as Minnesota kin. Singer Paul Sprangers, lead guitarist Scott Wells, and bassist Evan Wells are all Red Wing-bred vets of Hockey Night. With just-released Love Sign, the guys have a slick new collection of sick hook-filled anthems loaded with handclaps, cowbell, and choruses that flow like cold beer on a hot day.

Greg Grease's ascent in the Twin Cities hip-hop scene was a gradual one -- that is, until he released the expertly produced Cornbread, Pearl, and G (stream/download it here) in December. Lyrically, the collection is one of the smartest records in recent memory, and Grease's authoritative, smoky voice can give it to you fast and slow. Plus, Grease is an intense MF onstage.

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