Local Natives' Taylor Rice: When we play, there's a physical connection

With that said, the finished product doesn't sound that different from the first record. Would you agree?

I had an interesting revelation with that question where, when we were making it, I felt like it was extremely different. A lot of things, like, an obvious example is there's a song where the whole rhythm section is made out of drum samples that we took from the '60s and pasted together. So there's no live drum playing on the entire song, which is something we never would've touched or done.

It seems like there are fewer harmonies, too.

You know, we wrote harmonies and all these big things, and for us, we've been singing together since we were kids, so it's so natural. For us, it was this moment of clarity where we knew a song needed this open feeling to it, be more stripped back and direct in certain places. We tried to be more purposeful in how we used the vocal harmonies. But when we had space for a minute and went back, I did see, "Oh yeah, this is definitely the same band."

Considering how well received Gorilla Manor was, did you feel like there was more pressure on you as you recorded this time around?

It was a different kind of pressure. I think there's always pressure, right? You make your first album, there's pressure then too. It's just different because you want people to hear your record and you have no idea if they're going to. Then when you're thrust for the first time into knowing there's some sort of expectation, or that what you're writing someone is going to listen to it already beforehand, it's a weird thing and it can make you self-conscious. That's why we were very purposeful and really took our time, completely unplugged after we stopped touring.

Local Natives. With Superhumanoids. Sold Out. Saturday, March 23 at First Avenue.

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