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STNNNG - "Brain-Dumb (Live on the Current)"

In the midst of destroying most of St. Paul a few weeks back with their double-venue record release blowout at the Turf and Big V's, STNNNG also found time to lay waste to the Current studios with a blistering live session. This version of "Brain-Dumb," a track which guitarist Nathan Nelson hilariously referred to as a "crotch-first" song when I chatted with the band prior to their record release show, is a potent example of why STNNNG is one of the best and heaviest bands we have going in the Twin Cities. Do yourselves a favor, if you haven't yet, pick up a copy of Empire Inward and really test out the speakers of your home stereo -- it will make this interminable winter end sooner.

Communist Daughter - "Soundtrack To The End (Sofar Session, Chicago)"

This spare, intimate performance from Communist Daughter features just frontman Johnny Solomon and Molly Moore playing to a small roomful of lucky fans somewhere in Chicago this past January. Solomon briefly jokes about how the band has a few songs featured on Grey's Anatomy, and how those royalties are still paying his rent. The pair go on to deliver a gorgeous version one of those indelible songs, "Soundtrack To The End," with Solomon and Moore's voices blending harmoniously as the deeply affecting song takes flight over the stunned audience who were fortunate enough to see them play.

Hollow Boys - "Hater"

The self-proclaimed gloom-pop trio Hollow Boys apparently (or jokingly) spent $5000 on this video for the track "Hater," and no matter the cost, it's certainly money well spent, as it brought the Minneapolis band's ethereal, beguiling sound to my attention and hopefully many others. The three bandmates are all enjoying lollipops throughout the video, which is timestamped with the date of New Year's Day in 1987, only adding to the track's throwback charm. The band has a new record coming out sometime in early 2013 called It's True, and they have a few cool gigs lined up in the meantime, including playing with Fury Things and Blue Ruin at the Entry on March 17th, and opening up Gospel Gossip's album release show at the Entry on March 21st. Hopefully, their own album release show isn't too far in the future, as I definitely want to hear more from Hollow Boys.

BdotCroc - "Pressure"

The young Northside MC BdotCroc caught the local hip-hop scene's attention with her excellent 2012 mixtape, Hear Forever. And now she has dropped her debut video from that collection, "Pressure," which is filled with quick-fire rhymes about local and national athletes as well as pop culture superstars, mixed in with the pure ambition of a bold new artist who is looking to find her way while also figuring out her artistic voice. This is an assured first step by BdotCroc in capturing the awareness of anyone who has been sleeping on her mixtape, and is bound to launch her into a higher profile within the area's burgeoning hip-hop community.

Live on Radio K: Kurt Vile - "Never Run Away" from Radio K on Vimeo.

Kurt Vile - "Never Run Away (Live on Radio K)"

Kurt Vile made a surprise appearance in the fabled Radio K studios recently, recording a spirited solo session which features the premiere of his brand new song, "Never Run Away." The celebrated Philadelphian songwriter sadly didn't have any local gigs booked around his visit, so his area fans will have to wait until a proper tour in support of his forthcoming album, Wakin' On A Pretty Daze, which is due out in early April. Until then, you should just watch (and re-watch) this intimate acoustic performance of Vile's poignant new track, and hope we don't have to wait too long to see him perform this and his other new songs live for an audience of more than just those lucky enough to be in the Radio K studios on this day.

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