One Direction opening their own store at Mall of America

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Brace yourselves shoppers, the Brit boy band sensation One Direction is coming to the Mall of America... well, at least their merchandise is. This spring, the band that won the hearts of tweens around the world with "What Makes You Beautiful" will open a store at the mall for a limited time.

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The 1D pop-up shop grace the MOA with its presence for six weeks starting on March 16. That means only 42 days for 1D fans to get their mitts on exclusive merch from posters to tee shirts and every other kind of nicknacks you can plaster that band onto.

1D lovers should set their alarms bright and early for Saturday morning when the store opens its doors for the grand opening at 9 a.m.

The store will be located at 168 East (on the first floor between Sears and Forever 21), so plan your route to 1D heaven (or away from tweeny-bopper hell) accordingly.

We'll leave you with a couple shots of these dreamboat Brits in all their glory:

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