The 20 juiciest tidbits from Touré's new Prince biography

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For many, Prince remains an enigmatic character, larger than life. This month, the star comes a little closer to Earth in a new book by journalist Touré in I Would Die 4 U.

In three long essays, Touré explores Prince as a talented kid from Minneapolis in "Prince's Rosebud," a sex symbol in "The King of Porn Chic," and lastly a spiritual man in "I'm Your Messiah." In each of these extended chapters, the author delves deep into Prince's psyche through the accounts of people who were close to the icon at one point. From Prince's brutally lonely childhood filled with neglect, abuse, and constantly moving around to the star's feelings on race in the music industry, Touré's examination of the Prince's background provides readers with a well-rounded picture of the man as exactly that -- a man.

Touré does indulge in some pretty long tangents while merely skimming the surface of other topics, but the aim of the book remains the same, giving both basic Prince fans and Prince worshippers a well-versed account at the artist's life and motivations. The author's insider interviews, first-hand accounts, and astute pop-culture analysis make for an overall insightful, funny, and touching look at Prince that has musicians like Questlove and Q-Tip singing its praises.

We collected some of the juiciest, most intriguing bits of Prince-centric trivia from Touré's book for you.

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20. "Game... Blouses." It's real... sort of. At least, Prince is a damn good basketball player.


19. Prince's brilliance comes from being Mozart reincarnated. Obviously.


18. He's had his fair share of stuff thrown at him.


17. Including old chicken. (Seriously, who throws chicken at a concert? Come on guys.)


16. Prince loves to give baths. Probably more than he likes sex.


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Over-rated noodler.


I adore his music. Always believed people that are as talented as prince simply do not have the capacity in their bodies or souls to socially connect in the way that we do. And if that's the trade off ill take it.

swmnguy topcommenter

I've always wondered if Prince is a little bit on the ASD spectrum.  He's the most incredible musician I've ever seen up close.  And astonishingly smart in many ways.  But he simply can't deal with people or behave himself in a way you'd call "normal."  It's not a put-on.  There's just something about the guy that isn't wired up like the rest of us.  That's fine with me. I don't have to deal with him (anymore).  I just listen to the music.  And no, I wouldn't lend him anything; much less my treasured guitar if I had one.

Megan Radke
Megan Radke

Yeah... I'm so gonna need to buy this.


@nlbroussard I totally agree with you and will take Prince any day!

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