Top 10 best places to buy vinyl in the Twin Cities

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Photo By Erik Hess

6. Eclipse Records
381 Wabasha St. N., St. Paul

After Eclipse Records closed their University Avenue location, the only independent record store in St. Paul was thankfully resurrected in 2011 at their new location on Wabasha Street, conveniently affiliated with the neighboring Amsterdam Bar and Hall right next door. The used vinyl at Eclipse is consistently updated with new-found gems, and their new record selection is well-chosen and affordable. Eclipse is also the lone St. Paul ticket outlet for First Avenue shows. The shop is run by true music lovers, and their Facebook page continuously boasts a tempting 'Record of the Day,' which is typically a discounted jewel that would make a great addition to any collection.

Photo By Erik Hess

5. Roadrunner Records
4304 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis

Roadrunner has one of the strongest rare and vintage LP collections in the Twin Cities, with all genres from every musical era represented. The intimate shop's staff can tell you if a copy is a first-pressing as well as the listening quality of the vinyl itself, and their used copies are judiciously priced. While they focus on classic LPs at Roadrunner, their expertly curated new vinyl sits proudly alongside the legendary records that line the walls of the shop. Roadrunner boasts that they provide "Unusual usual music for unusual usual people," and that philosophy rings true each time you step inside.

Photo By Erik Hess

4. Cheapo Records
1300 W. Lake St., Minneapolis

Cheapo has been the undisputed music king of Uptown for years now, and the massive shop quite simply has more records with more space than any other place in town. While the sheer size of the Uptown store, as well as Cheapo's various area locations, might be a bit intimidating to fans who are used to smaller shops, their new and used vinyl selection is consistently top-notch and affordable. The place maintains an old-school vibe, with the endless racks of music getting the focus of the store rather than any unnecessary promotional bells and whistles. If you want to spend an afternoon getting lost within a glorious sea of vinyl, come to Cheapo and you'll find far too many records that you need to add to your collection.

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