Top 10 Twin Cities dance venues

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You're a dance maniac. A cocktail special and conversational atmosphere aren't enough to attract your patronage. You're the type that needs the exhilaration of flashing lights, hair-raising sound, and an adequate space to show off those moves. While this beat-chasing schedule might sound exhausting to normal people, the real work for a socialized species like yours comes with keeping up with the weekly changing landscape of Twin Cities nightlife. But turn down that squelching bass for a second and listen up!

Gimme Noise did all the heavy lifting for you so all that's left to be done is to fetch that headband out of the dryer and go freak out at the local discos. Here are our top 10 places to go dancing in the Twin Cities.

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Photo by Denis Jeong Plaster
10. Kitty Cat Klub

315 14th Ave. SE, Minneapolis

It's the opposite of a megaclub with a million-dollar light rig, but its character makes it unique. By day, it's a little bar in Dinkytown with a lot of beautiful sitting room and a quiet vibe, but by night, it whips off its glasses and pours on the glitter. The tables are cleared out to transform the room into a charming music venue with an events calendar packed with the most discerning local DJs. Dance nights like Hotel and Blackout offer forward-thinking party music in a venue that bridges the gap between friendly and hip. If you work up an appetite to dance until 2, you can walk across the street for your choice of cheese-covered late-night eats. It's comfortable and lively rolled into one great package.

Photo by Tony Nelson
9. Ground Zero

15 4th St. NE, Minneapolis

Ground Zero does not care what you think of its aging exterior. The club has been a mainstay in the Northeast neighborhood for decades, and it has outlived so many downtown pop-up clubs that it feels like it exists in its own universe. It's still darkish and gothic inside, and yes, Bondage-A-Go-Go lives on for those who own a closet full of PVC catsuits. Miraculously, newer dance nights are starting to appear on the club's schedule -- oddly impossible to find online -- introducing a whole new crop of clubgoers to its unique feel. Maybe the club's resistance to change is the reason it's so beloved, since it seems like it will be playing loud music and letting its freak flag fly forever.

Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
8. Insert Coins

315 First Ave. N., Minneapolis

Note: Insert Coins is now closed. From the ashes of the embattled old Karma club came Insert Coins, where "game" means something very different than it does at every other club in the city -- we're looking at you, Aqua. Old-school arcade cabinets and brand-new video games are tucked into a neon wonderland with an array of dance nights, so you can get in that crucial game of Tetris after you're finished tearing up the floor. The games offer a great break from all the regular nightclub activities, so even if you lose the dance-off, you can still conquer the top score on Ms. Pac Man. Hell, have a martini while you're at it. Now all they have to do is reopen that awesome patio for summer.

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I will have to try some of these places. However that is a poorly written article.The record room is horrible......


Don't forget about the very first monthly dance party that started at Honey around 3 years ago called "turnt up" with Noam the Drummer, DJ Gabe Garcia, DJ Willie Shu and hosted by Franz Diego that happens every second Friday of the month

Carla DeMarrias
Carla DeMarrias

Really Angela? Well when this Vet goes out to the V.A. and I don't see that. Wow.

Angela Salzl
Angela Salzl

Any V.A. The old drunk vets know how to get down and they make anyone feel like the best dancer eve.

Damon Runnals
Damon Runnals

Coming June 21st at The Southern Theater FUNdRaver! 2. This will be a great dance party with DJ DT. While not traditionally a dance venue (at least club dance), we'll be converting the space to make it an awesome club feel. Watch our website and facebook page for details in the next month.

Nichole Kmett
Nichole Kmett

In the privacy of my own home. Usually in front of my dogs.

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