Top 13 country songs about whiskey

Today's a big day in whiskey history. As legend tells it, it was on this day in 1983 that Merle Haggard set a new world record for purchasing the largest round of whiskey, after buying 5,095 shots of Canadian Club at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth at an appearance to promote his "C.C. Waterback" duet with George Jones. The whole round totaled 40 gallons of whiskey, and clocked up a bill of $12,737.50.

Have a headache yet? Read on, to discover 13 finely distilled country classics about brown liquor -- so far as your bloodshot eyes and double vision will allow you to do so.

13. "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound" - Hank Williams, Jr. (1979)

We liked Hank Jr., the boozer, much more than Hank Jr., the "homegrown" "politico" he is today. Someone buy this man a round. And then a few more. Drink of choice: Jim Beam

12. "The King Is Gone (So Are You)" - George Jones (1989)

This song was written by Roger Ferris, but it perfectly embodies the insane, riding-lawnmower-ridin', duck-talkin' genius of George Jones. Drink of choice: Jim Beam (poured from an Elvis decanter, drunk from a Flintstone jellybean jar)

11. "Tennessee Whiskey" - George Jones with David Allan Coe (1983)

Performed here at at the first Farm Aid in 1985, this song was first released by David Allan Coe in 1981, and became a bigger hit for Jones two years later. Drink of choice: Jack Daniel's or George Dickel, if you please.

10. "Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild Wild Women" - Ramblin' Jack Elliott

If it's not bright lights, thick smoke and loud, loud music, it's likely to be this other thing. Drink of choice: So long as it's drunk with a cigarette dangling from your lip and a woman on your arm, we reckon it's not likely to matter.

9. "Jack Daniels, If You Please" - David Allan Coe (1979)

Coe's got cigarettes and whiskey, and a wild woman who's done him wrong. Drink of choice: Not George Dickel.

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