Transmission DJ Jake Rudh's 12 favorite artifacts from the '90s

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Here's Hum on 120 Minutes from the '90s
The '90s officially came to a close a little bit more than 13 years ago, but their profound and strange cultural touchstones are not forgotten. Most importantly, the music lives on with the help of DJ Jake Rudh, who celebrates the 12th anniversary of his hip dance party Transmission with a night of '90s indie/alt-rock classics tonight at First Avenue.

Titled Common People, after the masterful Pulp hit, the night should bring back a load of memories of an era right before the internet took off, and before MTV totally gave up. Gimme Noise asked Rudh to dig up his favorite artifacts from the '90s, which are gathered below.

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The very first Lollapalooza, held on Harriet Island in 1991
The lineup featured Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, Siouxsie and the Banshees and a whole lot more. Not bad for a first festival experience.

Reality Bites-era Winona Ryder
She was my '90s crush.

It was the right time and right place. Very glad to hear the strong influence of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Ride still today.

High Fidelity (book)
This record store romance, later adapted into a John Cusack film, still holds the record for fastest I've ever read a novel.

Photo by Christopher Victorino
Rave culture
Did you pick up your map in Uptown yet?

The CD
Plenty of love in this home for both the CD and LP.

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