April Podcast: Rock the Garden lineup prediction secrets, "Accidental Racist," and more


Today marks the last day of April, and that's good news for all you audiophiles out there. Why is that, you ask? Because we just thawed out round two of the Gimme Noise music podcast, that's why.

This new experiment of ours is still new enough that we don't even have a decent set of press photos, but after we heard some positive noise regarding our first go-around, we just couldn't wait to serve up a second helping. For this month's episode, Reed and I discuss Rock the Garden, City Pages' Best Of the Twin Cities issue, the much-maligned Brad Paisley and LL Cool J duet "Accidental Racist," and Songs for Slim, the new Replacements EP.

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Joining us this month is our first-ever guest, self-proclaimed "local music fanatic" Kyle Matteson. Enjoy! And, of course, give us your feedback.

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