Bleached: Jet lag and smoking pot is not a good combination

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Most people can't imagine venturing into a career with their sibling, but it's safe to say that California sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin have what it takes. From growing up in Los Angeles, to playing in their former band Mika Miko, to branching off and touring the world as Bleached, they've been through quite a bit. Often clad in denim jackets, Doc Martens, punk rock attitude, and occasionally cat socks, the duo (often accompanied by a backing band) have gained quite a following prior to the release of their first full-length, Ride Your Heart, earlier this month. These girls are tough enough sound like the Misfits, fashionable enough dress like the Shangri-Las, and talented enough to get away with it.

Gimme Noise caught up with guitarist Jessica Clavin ahead of Sunday's gig at the Turf Club.

You guys are on the label Dead Oceans. Looking at their lineup (Night Beds, Bishop Allen, Akron/Family, and more) they only seem to have 20-ish bands, and they're all different genres. How does it feel to be on a label that isn't exclusively your style?

For one thing, we had met with Phil [Waldorf] who runs that label while we were meeting with a lot of different people, like Mexican Summer. But when we met with him, he just seemed so passionate about us and their label. He was really excited about the videos we had and what we were doing. I felt like it just connected right when we had met him. I feel like it was also fun to be on a label like that, where it is different. Maybe that's what will help us more. He seemed like he was really going to work hard and really help us. Ever since then, we go to the town and that guy still will always take us out to eat, go to our shows, hang out with us, and he's just really supportive of what we're doing. We've been on labels before where we didn't feel like that. We didn't feel like they were taking care of us. We ended up just signing off.

Even though you have built a pretty strong following through your 7-inches, do you feel you've gained even more attention having a full length?

For sure. Right before the record came out, we went to Europe. Me and Jen did a press tour. That was something really new to us. When we went to Europe, we were just going to play shows and tour. We'd go to Belgium, France, Amsterdam, England and stay at a hotel, but from noon to 6 or 7, we were just in the lobby doing interview after interview, photo after photo. It was pretty intense. This was before the record, but once the record came out it was still doing a lot of press.

What was your favorite place in Europe?

I really liked Belgium a lot. We were in Brussels, which is really cool, and Antwerp is really cool too. Going to Amsterdam too. Walking around the red light district was really crazy. When we were in Belgium, we went to their red light district but it didn't feel the same as Amsterdam. It's not such a tourist part as it is there. It was pretty crazy to experience that.

What else did you guys do? Any scary/bizarre situations on tour?

It's funny because when we were there we didn't smoke any pot. I don't know why we didn't. I think we were just like, "Eh. Not really feeling it." I feel like also we were really jet lagged. Being jet lagged and smoking pot is not a good combination. You already feel so stoned anyway.

It's not really bizarre, but it was kind of a funny situation. Me and Jen tried to travel to each country. It was just me and her on trains and subways just trying to get to the train station or airport. We both had our guitars and luggage and just a lot of stuff on us. So once we were on a subway and I exited, but Jen didn't get off in time before the closed. There was definitely this moment when you're like, "Oh my God. What is going to happen right now? I have no internet and no working cell phone." I looked back and she looked at me and the doors just closed. People around me were laughing because I think they saw what was going on, and this lady came over and she pushed this big button and it opened the doors back up. That was so crazy. I don't know what I would have done.

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