Caitlin Rose at Triple Rock, 4/8/13

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The next set of songs served as the first encore of the night (according to the way the setlist was written out), with Rose asking us, "You guys like Buck Owens? I'm going to bring the mood of the night right the fuck back up again." And with that, the band launched into a boisterous take on the Owens' classic, "I've Got a Tiger by the Tail," which found the group rocking out, completely lost in the lively rhythm of the track. After an affectionate introduction of her band, Rose said, "This is a song about smoking cigarettes in China," before a lovely take on "Shanghai" emphatically closed out the first encore.

Rose returned alone, and had one last story to tell. "This is a song I wrote about an old boyfriend who had a Dave Edmunds T-shirt that he wore all the time. He was the sweatiest, most disgusting punk-rocker that you've ever seen, and that shirt slowly grew discolored as he continued to wear it. This song is called 'T-shirt,' and I wrote it when I was 17." What followed was one of the most genuine, unguarded musical moments I've had the pleasure to witness, as Rose sang the plaintive, powerful song accompanied only by her own tambourine. The song ended with tears welled up in Rose's eyes (and I'm sure a few of her fans in the crowd), and with one last word of thanks she was gone, leaving all of us to catch our breath as we went back out into the chilly April night.

Critic's Notebook:

Personal Bias: I was first won over by the innumerable charms of Caitlin Rose when she opened for Johnny Flynn in the Entry in 2011, and now she has risen to can't miss status in my opinion.

The Crowd: A bit sparse (blame it on Monday night), but supportive and passionate about Rose and her songs.

Overheard In The Crowd: "She's like the Patsy Cline of our generation."

Random Notebook Dump: While I sadly missed Martin Devaney's opening set (which Martin himself assured me was a work of sheer brilliance), Andrew Combs set gradually picked up momentum, as it started off with him alone and acoustic, but gradually Rose's band (and Caitlin herself, eventually) filled in and the songs took off. His album, Worried Man, is well worth checking out.


No One To Call

Spare Me (Fetzer's Blues)

Only A Clown

I Was Cruel (The Deep Vibrations)


For The Rabbits

Old Numbers

Dallas (The Felice Brothers)


Silver Sings

Pink Champagne

Too Stoned To Cry (Andrew Combs)

Sinful Wishing Well

I've Got A Tiger By The Tail (Buck Owens)(Encore)

Shanghai (Encore)

T-Shirt (Second Encore)

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Photo By Craig McCoy

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