Best Of the Twin Cities 2013: Music categories

Emily Utne
Yes, ladies and gents, the Best of the Twin Cities for 2013 is live all over the City Pages website. And the issue -- which takes gilded inspiration from The Great Gatsby -- will hit stands Wednesday.

Gimme Noise has compiled links to the music category winners below. Take a gander!
The 2013 Best of the Twin Cities, selected music categories:

Best Radio Station

Best Concert of the Past 12 Months (Local)

Best Concert of the Past 12 Months (Touring)

Best Concert Venue

Best Rock Club

Best Blues Club

Best Jazz Club

Best Dance Club

Best Club Night

Best Karaoke

Best Place to See Throwback Acts

Best Record Label

Best Local Music Compilation

Best Rock Band

Best New Band

Best Country Band

Best Cover Band

Best Hip-Hop Artist

Best Live Artist

Best Folk Artist

Best Female Vocalist

Best Songwriter

Best Local Musician Made Good

Best Club DJ

Best Classical Musician

Best Band to Break Up in the Past 12 Months

Best Local Music Broadcast

Best Musical

Best Album of the Past 12 Months

Best Male Vocalist

Best Band Name

Best Record Store for Vinyl

Best Viral Video

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