Irish alt-rockers Kodaline pen "A Song for Minneapolis," get our attention

"The one and only Prince described it well with Purple Rain/ Where Bob Dylan spent his days before he caught the New York Train."
If you haven't gotten your band written about in the Twin Cities, one semi-surefire approach is to pen a fawning song about us. (And then have your publicist send out emails emblazoned "KODALINE WRITES A SONG ABOUT MINNEAPOLIS!! THE BAND CHALLENGED THEMSELVES TO WRITE A SONG FOR EVERY CITY THEY PLAY IN!") That was the approach that Irish band Kodaline decided to take, anyhow. The band is out on the road with the Airborne Toxic Event, and they're taking a page out of mid-aughts Sufjan Stevens' playbook and writing a whole bunch of songs about cities. The inspiration? Their tour routing.

So, here's the first one, the seemingly earnest "A Song for Minneapolis," as filmed in a truck stop selling body-slimming cream. Unfortunately, Kodaline was here on Tuesday, so there's no hope of going out to see them play this locally for a while. Knowing the Twin Cities' proclivity for local pride that occasionally borders on navel-gaze, this Mumfy-esque and acoustic approach could help this band gain some traction here eventually.

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A couple lyrical notes: We cringed a little at the "women fell from heaven" line, and what exactly does gambling in the dark have to do with cold weather? But the effort is appreciated, Kodaline.


Bridges in the sky, like heaven's walkways in the clouds,
Keep you safe and warm from all the snow that's coming down
The one and only Prince described it well with Purple Rain
Where Bob Dylan spent his days before he caught the New York Train.

Divided by a river, Separated by a stream
United by a passion yeah they share a baseball team
The weather is just crazy its like gambling in the dark
I've yet to see Saint Paul but I'm in Minneapolis

We're in Minneapolis

In the pretty city, Built in 1887
The people are delightful and the women fell from heaven
I must thank the Airborne guys oh yeah for having us
I hope we come back soon, yeah back to Minneapolis

Back to Minneapolis
Back to Minneapolis
Back to Minneapolis
I hope we come back soon
Yeah back to Minneapolis

Minneapolis I'd really love to get to know you well
Or take you out at to dinner in some fancy posh hotel
But right now yeah this song is all that we, we can afford
I'm sure we'll meet again, I'm yours
Minneapolis im yours.

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