Polica at First Avenue, 4/24/13

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Leaneagh might have slightly altered the element of surprise, though it was pretty classic, when she came out for the encore and had unintentionally already initiated her distorted, low vocals on the mic as she thanked everyone again for coming. But it didn't matter. The band played a Polica version of Keith Sweat's 1996 hit "Nobody." And it was awesome.

Photos by Erik Hess

It's understandable that the band must be worn out, ready for a break from touring, but besides her own acknowledgement of that, the show did not reflect any lethargy whatsoever. Leaneagh said that a new record would be coming out soon. In her effortlessly charming manner, Leaneagh reassured the crowd, "Life will go on in a grand continuum, and we'll all be lost and confused. Shoot, I was going to have so many funny things to say... Next time!"

Critic's Bias: Studied dance for many years, and beyond vocals, I can appreciate that this girl moves like she seriously feels the music in her body.

The Crowd: A crazy packed group of people, clearly true fans of Polica, not just because they are from Minneapolis.

Overheard in the Crowd: "I'm so sweaty!" The amount of body heat in First Ave was palpable.

Random Notebook Dump: Throughout the show, small, sporadic pieces of paper confetti would drop from overhead. I was hoping there would be a confetti drop in the finale.


1- Leading to Death
2- I See My Mother
3- Dark Star
4- Exit Raw (new song)
5- Wandering Star
6- Tiff (new song)
7- Trippin Down (new song)
8- Form
9- Lay Your Cards Out
10- Vegas (new song)

1- Nobody
2- Amongster

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