Prince files copyright complaint with Twitter over Vine videos

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Prince is at it again. The Purple One, notorious for seeking legal action against unapproved recording devices and cameras, has filed yet another complaint for bootlegged material surfacing on the internet.

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This time, Twitter's new video application Vine faces the brunt of Prince's wrath after eight videos emerged that allegedly had unofficial Prince-related material on them.

The Vine platform, which hosts continuous loops of six-second videos, contained what the NPG Records representative said were "unauthorized recordings" and "unauthorized synchronizations." The record label's full Digital Millenium Copyright Act complaint can be read here.

While Twitter has not publicly responded to the NPG Records' DMCA complaint filed on March 22, the videos listed on the complaint have been scrubbed.

Considering that Prince has a way with shutting down pretty much anything that borrows his image, music, or other material, it's no surprise that he went after the Vine. With Prince recently being ever-present in the media, we have a feeling a few more of these complaints will pop up over time.

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Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson

Prince is such a little cry baby.... I hope Twitter tells him to go eff himself


Someone needs to inform Prince that his career was over 20 years ago and quite frankly, no one gives a fuck about him anymore. (See: Has Been.)


@keny1 apparently you have been living under a rock. Prince is still one of the few music stars of today. His concerts ....while are done as residences ...10-21 shows done over a 3 week period or so, are sold out. No show is the same for he has so many songs. The shows also has a few special guests that are top performers in music. A has been? Very Very far from it sir.


@keny1 Yes. no one gives a fuck about him anymore. That's why he's selling out shows everywhere he plays and the concerts get rave reviews from critics. (See: clueless commenter)

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