Strange Doom Sayers Tour at the Triple Rock, 4/10/13

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Photo by Erik Hess

Strange Doom Sayers Tour
With B. Dolan, Mike Mictlan, and Toki Wright
Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Strange Doom Sayers tour seems like such a natural combination of underground talent that it's surprising the artists involved haven't made it an annual gig. Part of the reason the team-up seems so effortless is that Mictlan, Toki Wright, and B. Dolan all represent relative anomalies in the sound that their respective indie hip-hop labels built their names on. Always eager to push boundaries, these three MCs are consistent innovators, blending a wide variety of new influences with their boom-bap roots.

One of the most enjoyable things about witnessing Mike Mictlan perform is that he never, ever lets the audience out of the palm of his hand. Whether rocking an older solo cut like "Prizefight" or a fresh new banger like "Foolio Iglesias," Mictlan brings a roguish swagger and pit-bull charm that's simply irresistible. Working the undersized crowd for every drop of energy, the Doomtree representative really shone when he got the chance to play with some of the grimy, party-ready material off of his Snaxxx mixtape.

Photos by Erik Hess

The new beats give the already gifted rapper a chance to really show off the technical skills he's honed from years in the game. Mictlan's trademark bark lent itself well to the skipping, Southern-influenced flows that he tries out on Snaxxx. Fellow snaxxxer Spyder Baybie brought the grime to a new level for "Scottie Pippen," kicking off an impressive blast through some of the mixtape's best tunes, like "Give It to Mikey." During a shout-out to his Strange Doom Sayer teammates, Mictlan called out DJ Fundo from the stage for being "even more of a creep then I am" and launched into "Creeper Status," gunning up high speed raps and changing patterns with ease. A solo jaunt through the undeniable local rap anthem "Get Down" lured the audience in with a familiar hook until they were literally jumping on command. Closing with potentially the title track of his new album, "HELLA FRREAL," Mike waved goodbye to the crowd and Doomtree's utility member Baby Ander, who held down the decks.

Mictlan and Toki Wright both carry heavy reps within the local rap community for keeping their respective crews' ears to the street. In Toki's case, that meant years of fighting for recognition and honing chops in the bad old days of the TC hip-hop circuit. Hailing from the mighty North Side of the 612, Toki has just as many block bonafides as his Doomtree colleague, but has drifted toward a more soulful, occasionally electronic sound as he's aged. He was backed by his usual team of Kevin Washington on drums, Mayda on bass, Tasha Baron of Black Blondie fame on keys, and the legendary Reggie Reg of Soul Tools cutting and running the samples.

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