The 4onthefloor at Turf Club, 4/4/13

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Photo by Steve Cohen
The 4onthefloor
with Eric Koskinen
Turf Club, St. Paul
Thursday, April 4, 2013

You know what you're getting when you go to a 4onthefloor show. It's never anything less than the most fun you'll have that week, regardless of what else may happen. The only question is exactly how much fun it will be. At the Turf Club on Thursday, the Minneapolis stompin' blues-rock act set the bar high for themselves in the way of being able to top what they're capable of doing in a two-hour timespan, and for the amount of fun to be had at a 4onthefloor show, though Saturday may prove to give it a run for its money.

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The night was split into two very different, yet similar halves. The first half consisted of the band's brand new Spirit of Minneapolis offered up front-to-back. "King of the Jungle," the lead single, got the night off to a rousing start. Lead singer Gabriel Douglas' voice sounding as whiskey-soaked and volatile as ever. As they moved through "Enough," and "Stand Off" it became clear that while the new album is very distinctly 4onthefloor, the songs burned more slowly. They took a bit more time to get where they're going and hit up a few interesting scenic routes along the way, as well.

Photos by Steve Cohen

"Some Days" finally got the crowd into full stomp mode and from there it never really let up, the stomp growing ever larger with each passing song. "Engine No 4" and "Fear, Hope, Green or Me" were two examples of this, the latter of which is an obvious contender for a second single. They wrapped up the first part of the night with the album's closer, "Off the Cuff" which was more reminiscent of 4x4, their previous effort, than anything else from the new album and while it was a good song, it highlighted how quickly the band is progressing: it sounded dated in an odd way and 4x4 is a not yet two years old.

"We're going to take a couple of minutes to do some vocal warm-ups [a euphemism for "drink a beer"] and we'll be right back." Douglas offered as the band took a quick, not quite ten-minute break.

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