15 gorgeous GIFs from Soundset 2013

Photo by Erik Hess
Juicy J and his bottle of juice at Soundset 2013.

Soundset 2013 was the biggest of them all. With 28,000 bodies in attendance and Snoop Dogg gracing the stage, Rhymesayers Entertainment showed unprecedented growth for the sixth running of their yearly rap extravaganza at Canterbury Park.

And what better way to capture the spirit and randomness of Soundset than an array of GIFs, courtesy of photographer Erik Hess. Within, you'll see the images of Atmosphere, Snoop, Juicy J, and plenty of audience members caught in decidedly flattering sequences.

Note: Several of these GIFs are presented out of chronological order for our editorial amusement.

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Atmosphere's Slug: "Last year, a tornado ate my fucking show." This year, 28,000 folks devoured the goods at Soundset.

This crowd is all "oh HELL yes" like the barricades can't hold them.

Snoop Dogg/Lion's tail was nowhere in sight during Sunday's performance at Soundset, but he wagged this finger plenty...

...and the revelers out there waved 'em like they just didn't care.

Even Snoop's legendary Uncle Junebug got into the flow of the day.

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