MN State Fair 2013 free stages: Sheila E., Chastity Brown, and more

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Sheila E.
Most Minnesotans hunger for music as much as they crave cheese curds -- if not more. So it makes sense that between the Minnesota State Fair's Grandstand entertainment and a load of free stages there's a veritable binge on live entertainment, and no heartburn.

The highest-profile shows of the Great Minnesota get-together are jammed into dual evenings at the Bandshell Tonight! stage. Singer/drummer Sheila E., who spent a good portion of the '80s collaborating with Prince and since has amassed significant pop, country, and jazz accomplishments, highlights the Bandshell offerings, which also include the now-grown Hansen, and Robert Randolph & the Family Band. The Heritage at Sundown stage should tickle a Gimme Noise reader or three as well with Chastity Brown, Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles, and several others. Plus, Grammy winners the Okee Dokee Brothers are at the Family Fair. Check out more highlights of the free stages below.

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Here's a load of free entertainment highlights, and there are even more choices at each stage. Click on each to plan out an entire day of concerts.

Bandshell Tonight! stage
Aug. 22 & 23: Sunny Sweeney
Aug. 24 & 25: Blue Öyster Cult
Aug. 26 & 27: Hanson
Aug. 28 & 29: Sheila E.
Aug. 30 & 31: Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Sept. 1 & 2: Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

Bazaar After Dark stage
Aug. 22 & 23: Socaholix
Aug. 24 & 25: Tropical Zone Orchestra
Aug. 26 & 27: Lost Highway
Aug. 28 & 29: Salsa del Soul
Aug. 30 & 31: The New Primitives
Sept. 1 & 2: GB Leighton

Heritage at Sundown stage
Aug. 22 & 23: Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles
Aug. 24 & 25: Pert' Near Sandstone
Aug. 26 & 27: Sarah Gayle Meech
Aug. 28 & 29: Billy McLaughlin
Aug. 30 & 31: Pieta Brown & the Sawdust Collective
Sept. 1 & 2: Chastity Brown

Leinie Lodge Bandshell stage

Aug. 22 & 23: Mountain Heart, Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band, Dale Watson
Aug. 24 & 25: The Stellas featuring Lennon and Maisy, Alex Meixner Polka Band, Jason D. Williams
Aug. 26 & 27: The 34th Infantry Division "Red Bull" Band, Tonic Sol-fa, Bill Kirchen's Texicalli
Aug. 28 & 29: Neal Zunker and the Music Connection, Maggie Rose, Whisperin' Bill Anderson
Aug. 30 & 31: Home Free, Rosie Flores and the Rivetors, Kenny Neal
Sept. 1 & 2: Eric Paslay, the Quebe Sisters Band, Michael Salgado, SongBlast - Dueling Guitars

Bazaar stage
Aug. 22 & 23: Dirty Shorts Brass Band, Six Appeal
Aug. 24 & 25: Dominic Gaudious, Café Accordion Orchestra
Aug. 26 & 27: Kris and the Riverbend Dutchmen, Sena Ehrhardt
Aug. 28 & 29: Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers, Ray Covington
Aug. 30 & 31: Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Native Pride Dancers
Sept. 1 & 2: BATO! BATO! Breck Marimba Ensemble, The Barley Jacks

Heritage Square stage
Aug. 22 & 23: The Harris Brothers,the Roe Family Singers
Aug. 24 & 25: The Daisy Dillman Band, the Minnesota State Fiddle Contest
Aug. 26 & 27: The Chmielewski Funtime Band, the Barbary Coast Dixieland Show Band
Aug. 28 & 29: Jerry O'Hagan and His Orchestra, Mary Jane Alm
Aug. 30 & 31: The Boundary Water Boys, the Minnesota Flatpicking Guitar and Duet Championships
Sept. 1 & 2: Blue Wolf Bluegrass, Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders

Ramberg Senior Center stage

Aug. 22 & 23: Mark Stillman, RAMM Band
Aug. 24 & 25: The Mellow Fellows, David Malmberg
Aug. 26 & 27: Bill Koncar, Rod Cerar Orchestra
Aug. 28 & 29: Bandana, Jim Berner's Music Legends
Aug. 30 & 31: Radio Joe and the JazzBos, Patty and the Buttons
Sept. 1 & 2: The Irish Brigade, the Fairlanes

Family Fair at Baldwin Park stage

Aug. 22 & 23: Kidsdance, Sean Emery, Break-Shop Bump'n
Aug. 24 & 25: The Okee Dokee Brothers, Sean Emery, Break-Shop Bump'n
Aug. 26 & 27: The Bazillions, Sean Emery, Break-Shop Bump'n
Aug. 28 & 29: Mama Lou: American Strongwoman, Sean Emery, Break-Shop Bump'n
Aug. 30 & 31: The Choo Choo Bob Show Live!, Sean Emery, Break-Shop Bump'n
Sept. 1 & 2: Jared Sherlock, Sean Emery, Break-Shop Bump'n

Check out all of the stages information here, and check out the Grandstand schedule, which now includes a MN Music On-A-Stick showcase featuring Trampled by Turtles, Mason Jennings, and the Chalice. See you at the Fair!

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Wonder if Prince will show up as a guest of Shelia E....... That would be cool!!!

Ross Levine
Ross Levine

Gaaah, so those of us going for Depeche Mode get denied Blue Oyster Cult, but rather get Hanson instead?! Damn.


@nbrooks4 Prince may be more desperate for attention than he has been in years, but you can't be naive enough to think he'd lower himself to playing in a craptastic band shell.


@Ross Levine You get what you deserve.


@BoycottRQ @nbrooks4 He's been known to just show up places..... they're friends, so you just never know.  Not saying he will, just saying it would be cool ;)


@nbrooks4 you're right, you never know, but in this case i have a pretty good idea. he's more likely to host an after party and jam with her there. there's no chance he makes an appearance at the great minnesota sweat together. prince doesn't play for the unwashed masses. he plays for the well-funded masses. 

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