Of Montreal at Cedar Cultural Center, 5/15/13

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Photo by Tony Nelson
Of Montreal
With Wild Moccasins
Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis
Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Most bands tour the country stocked up with all of their gear and a collection of merch. Of Montreal also packs as many costumes as a Broadway show.

From the skeleton-faced clowns who joined the band on stage during the first song, "Chrissy Kiss the Corpse," releasing a never-ending string of balloons for the crowd to devour, to the small reptile people in armless red jumpsuits during "Girl Named Hello" who eventually revealed their robust fake breasts into the eager faces of front-stage viewers, the band did not hold back on the theatrics. Oh, and at one point, someone dressed as Hercules battled a skeleton guy before they fired off leaf-blowers full of feathers.

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Kevin Barnes is one of those people who might be considered a "character," with his asymmetrical haircut and ability to pull off wearing women's clothing, but it doesn't appear to be an attempt at anything subculture or ironic. It's authentic. The man can rock a blazer and blouse better than Christina Applegate in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.


Photos by Tony Nelson

During "You Do Mutilate?" an assertive man standing on a soapbox next to Barnes, waving his bible at what was staged to be a lynching ended up freeing the other performers who arrived on stage. The crowd cheered. As much as Of Montreal shows are energetic and promote partying and dancing, many of the themes within the performance are very political and focused on death.

And others are pretty random. Like during "Sex Karma," from their 2011 release False Priest, when the psychedelic graphics on the projection screen were embellished with rotating cartoon heads of who I'm pretty sure was Morgan Freeman.
The crowd's arms waved ferociously and the pupils continued to dilate when the band played "I Was Never Young" and "Oslo in the Summertime," two of the more widely known tracks from the 2008 record The Sunlandic Twins.

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