Man impersonating Pink Floyd's David Gilmour arrested at St. Cloud hospital

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David Gilmour's Facebook page; mugshot via St. Cloud Police
At left: David Gilmour; at right: Not David Gilmour
In "Us and Them" off Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour sings, "Who knows which is which and who is who?" And for employees at a St. Cloud hospital, this question became quite pertinent when a Monticello man claiming to be the Floyd singer-guitarist checked in and ran up charges as much as $100,000 in April.

Even in the bustling atmosphere of a large medical facility, it's surprising that 53-year-old Phillip Michael Schaeffer wasn't laughed out of St. Cloud Hospital on April 20 when he arrived, gave the name David Gilmour, and claimed to have no health insurance. It was only after he was treated and released that hospital staff suspected that it would be strange for a 67-year-old English musician who has sold 250 million albums with Pink Floyd would be seeking medical help in central Minnesota.

From the

The next day, "there was some discussion among security staff leading people to believe that he really wasn't David Gilmour," hospital spokeswoman Jeanine Nistler said. "So our security supervisor pulled up the security camera shots of when this man entered the hospital and compared them to pictures on the Internet of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour and determined he was not David Gilmour."

No, he looks nothing like David Gilmour. You'd have to be comfortably numb to mistake this guy as David Gilmour.

According to Nistler, they then flagged Schaeffer's chart in case he returned. Four days later, he was back and again intimated that he was Gilmour. This time, he reportedly presented paperwork purporting that he had insurance from Lloyd's of London. According to police, he told hospital staff that Pink Floyd was touring in Canada -- actually their last widespread tour as a band was 1994's Division Bell dates, including a stop at the Metrodome -- and that he was passing through St. Cloud on break for some medical treatment. The nature of his ailment is not detailed in the report.

Still, ER physician Dr. David Covington examined him and Schaeffer even signed an autograph for the son of a hospital employee. But Covington was suspicious of Schaeffer's accent, which didn't match what one might expect from Gilmour, according to Nistler.

A police officer who was at the hospital at the time was alerted, and went to confront Schaeffer. At that point, he admitted that he wasn't Gilmour, and was booked at Stearns County Jail and could be charged with felony theft by swindle. He was released Thursday, and police are gathering evidence to present for possible charges.

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Andy Hector
Andy Hector

i thought the picture that accompanies the summary here on FB was of the imposter. was thinking DAMN he's a dead ringer!

Matt Pruett
Matt Pruett

He probably would have got away with it if it wasn't for you kids and your meddling dog.

Nicholas Rupar
Nicholas Rupar

From the thumb I thought "crazy? Guy looks just like him!"

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