Rodriguez at Fitzgerald Theater, 5/15/13

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While there was some shouts for requests in the crowd for "Cause," Rodriguez politely brushed them off, "Man, that is such a brooding song. Thank you, but I'm really trying to keep things light here." he joked. Diving into the upbeat rocker "You'd Like to Admit It," Rodriguez brought on his best doo-wop style scat vocals as he shimmied a bit to the driving beat. Simmering things down once again he crooned to a smooth version of "I Only Have Eyes for You," which -- despite his limited vocal range -- bubbled with soul.


Leaving the crowd wanting more Rodriguez and the band returned for a few covers that kicked off with his hero, Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" and a surprisingly clever "Fever" that provided for even more singing in the audience and good cheer. "So I'm a solid 70" he sheepishly proclaimed to a round of applause, "I'm not getting old, I'm getting dead." he joked ending with Sinatra standard, "I'm Gonna Live 'til I Die."

"Power to the People," Rodriguez shouted with his fists raised as the lights went up and the audience roared with appreciation for a unforgettably wonderful night of his songs.

Critic's Bias: I was able to spend an evening, hanging out with Rodriguez last summer before the film came out and found him to be, despite fame, a most genuine, down-to-earth human being. It's refreshing to see not much has changed and that he has maintained the true spirit of his music and continues to bring it and the joy it brings to so many people. Long may he run.

The crowd: Graying, but with heavenly helpings of youthful spirit and great energy. A lot of love in that theater.

Overheard in the crowd: "Man, we were hoping there'd be some hot chicks sitting next to us!"

Random Notebook Dump: You get the feeling that Rodriguez has handled fame later in life the best way he can. He is modest to the bone. "Fame is fleeting" I once heard him say and with him being so thrust in the spotlight suddenly you wonder how he continues to cultivate the persona of his myth and remain true to his natural state of being and efforts to continue. He is a true roll model to any artist.

Climb Up On My Music
Only Good for Conversation
I Wonder
Cold Fact
Crucify My Mind
Establishment Blues
I Think of You
Can't Get Away
Rich Folk Hoax
Like Janis
To Whom it May Concern
Street Boy
You'd Like to Admit It
I Only Have Eyes for You
Thanks For Your Time

Like a Rolling Stone
I'm Gonna Live 'til I Die

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