Six highlights from Dessa's Reddit "Ask Me Anything," plus her new single

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Yesterday, Dessa officially dropped "Call Off Your Ghost," the second single from the upcoming Parts of Speech. To celebrate, she took to Reddit to participate in the site's signature forum: An "AMA" -- that is, "Ask Me Anything," which is the equivalent of a no-holds Q&A between Dessa and her fans. Or at least, those of her fans who are on Reddit. And definitely a couple of participants who have maybe never heard her music at all.

To start it off, Dessa had a few questions of her own. "As an indie label, it's hard to be sure which of our strategies are working -- and which aren't," she wrote. "How did you hear about Doomtree's music? My music? Do you pre-order records? If not, why not?"

She got some answers. But the redditors were also curious about the conspiracies, the music, and the personal -- like whether the new album title is intentionally a nod at P.O.S., who she's dating, and how the new album evolved. Here are the highlights, followed by the new track.

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6. The most "up-voted" question is a stalwart: Have the differences between Doomtree members "ever caused tension within the collective?" user reltolschol asked. "Has anyone ever said 'I don't want to be a part of that track?'"

Cue Dessa:


5. How's Stef?

"What's up with Steph's kidney?" asked redditor happytrees. "I really want him to stay alive. He can have mine if he wants (we have two, right?)."


4. The personal stuff:

"Hey Dessa," wrote joshmo712, "you once told me at a Q & A session that we can get all up in your business, so I would like to know two things: 1. Who are you dating? Just out of complete and utter curiosity. I can't hold it in anymore. Are any of your songs about them? 2. Where do you consider to be your favorite restaurant/hang out place in the cities? 3. What is it like performing in front of your family? By now you've been doing it for a long time, but is it ever weird?"

3. The evolution of the new album:

"Your show for Minnesota originals is one of the few shows that I'll watch start to finish on Youtube," wrote Barbas. "That show was 2 years ago I think and it featured songs from the upcoming album. How much do the songs evolve in that 2 years time? How different would you say the songs you recorded for the album are from the original ideas you had 2 years ago?"


2. Music as a real job, and real work:

"How did you manage to make the transition from technical writing to the hip hop world?" asked trooftops. "When did you feel like music became your official career?"

1. The Doomtree Conspiracy?

To read the full conversation, check out Reddit. And take a listen to the new single here:

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