SoulPancake releases Zach Sobiech documentary

Erik Hess
Sobiech at the Varsity earlier this year.
SoulPancake released a short documentary Friday on Zach Sobiech, the terminally ill, ever-optimistic Stillwater teenager whose song "Clouds" has been viewed by millions on Youtube.

Sobiech was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, more than three years ago. After learning his condition was terminal, he wrote "Clouds" and other songs as goodbye letters to his family and friends, and has since signed a deal with BMI and played to a packed house at the Varsity.

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For the documentary, created by actor Rainn Wilson's new media company, filmmakers followed Sobiech around his hometown, talking to the 17-year-old and his friends and family about coping with the diagnosis.

At one point, the director presents Sobiech with a music video for "Clouds" that features actors like Wilson and Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston singing along. It's a tear-jerker to be sure, particularly at the end, when Sobiech offers goodbyes to his family.

Watch it here:

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Danielle Magnuson
Danielle Magnuson

So, so beautiful. Much love to Zach and the whole Sobiech family.

Mary Kuennen
Mary Kuennen

Amazing. And a good reason to cry at work.

Amy Glaser
Amy Glaser

So amazing... Thank you, Zach. Thank you, CityPages. Thank you, SoulPancake.

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