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Photo by Erik Hess
Ah, Soundset. The sixth installment of the Rhymesayers Entertainment hip-hop festival had a breakout year in terms of attendance -- a reported 28,000 fans came out -- and talent, with a lineup including Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller, Tech N9ne, along with the host artists Atmosphere. Many folks pegged A$AP Ferg as the set of the day, and (YN Rich) Kids turned out as well.

Canterbury Park didn't see the sun at all on Sunday -- nor did it see Busta Rhymes -- but the day was absolutely brimming with positivity as everyone got to know each other better in the name of keeping their warm bodies close together. Gimme Noise brought an intrepid team in photographers Erik Hess and Anna Gulbrandsen, as well as writers Jack Spencer, Zach McCormick, and myself to cover as much of this historic day as we possibly could. What follows is an extensive timeline of the day. Feel free to add your own memories in the comments.

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12:15 p.m. The crowd milling around in the Canterbury Park lot looked anxious about the 60 percent chance of rain at Soundset 2013. Still, a shocking number of people opted for skin-baring articles of clothing better suited for a mid-80s day. "Cold Ass Honky" takes on a slightly different meaning than what T-shirt owner has in mind with temperatures flirting with the low-50s and gusting winds. (Reed Fischer)
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
12:20 p.m. Meta hit the Fifth Element stage -- which was expanded to a full tent to great effect -- hard, dudded out in a psychedelic-looking denim jacket with bullet pins, which seemed to be a fashion theme for a number of the local artists that followed. During "Pennywise," he threw fake money with his face on it into the audience, which got an immediate reaction similar to had it been real money. There's a message in there somewhere, I bet. Directly questioning the recent police shootout in Uptown, Meta performed "Self-Defense" which was remarkably poignant in it's anti-authoritative stance for an issue that never sees to dissappear. Meta ran through some of his best tracks, ending on the powerful "Senior" which brought out a warrior energy for a triumphant finale. (Jack Spencer)

Photo by Erik Hess
12:30 p.m. "Let's go so crazy that they won't invite me back next year," yelled R.A. the Rugged Man over on the Soundset main stage. The Long Island rapper had one of the most energetic stage presences of the day with a raunchy style harkening back to independent rap's gritty glory days. By stage-diving and doing the Centipede, he injected life into the early performance. Despite his efforts, the crowd seemed utterly unfamiliar with his music and unwilling to learn. Combating this apathy, the Rugged Man called several audibles and turned more than one song into an impromptu a cappella to force some attention his way. (Zach McCormick)

1:00 p.m. Next on the main stage, Boot Camp Clik alumni Sean Price was pretty mellow in performance despite his combative and violent material. He let his menacing persona and gun talk do most of the leg work in terms of making a stage show. The material spoke for itself and the rapping held an aggressive intensity that cut through, but some sort of movement might have boosted the performance. (JS)
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
1:00 p.m. Haphduzn stood tall among a thick Fifth Element stage crowd, working with a DJ and his producer Dimitry Killstorm on the side playing MPC. "Brand New Nostalgia" naturally got the biggest crowd response, but it was clear when he performed the difficult narrative "Have My Doubts" that people were truly listening to what he had to say. The lanky MC has a undeniable charisma and a style firmly rooted in hip-hop's golden age, without being regressive, but a couple of the hooks ("Fuck your swag" being a big culprit) felt a bit holier-than-thou. Still, Duzn kept things breezy and fun, never lecturing and instead making his case with and effortless flow and Musab-esque flavor. (ZM)
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
1:20 p.m. Keeping the Fifth Element tent packed with bodies sharing heat was the Chalice. Drinking from their gilded goblets, Lizzo, Sophia Eris, and Claire de Lune announced "The queens are here!" urged the crowd to put their middle fingers up, and set forth to show the potential of expanding a female presence at Soundset. After "Crown on the Rocks," the brightly clad trio brought up DJ Snugles to beatbox for "Ladies Night." Their next guest, La Manchita, ratcheted up the intensity onstage further for "Wegula," and they also dropped a new track tentatively called "Fly," on a more melodic tip than anything the Chalice has done up to this point. After some serious bounce in their steps and Lizzo rolling out the flow on "Recognize Real," even stage host Blueprint looked mighty impressed. (RF)

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