Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

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Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week launch right into the festivities with a new, erotically charged Atmosphere video, released to get people even more hyped for the big Soundset Festival taking place this Sunday -- which of course will be headlined by Slug and Ant and whatever specials guests the gang brings along with them. We've also got a gorgeous, stop-motion animated clip for Trampled by Turtles, featuring the talented exploits of the Media Arts Department of Bethany Lutheran College. There have also been some great in-studio performances in town as of late, with Free Energy and Greg Grease both rocking the local airwaves with terrific live sets. We've also got new videos from On An On, BNLX, Chad Erickson & The Untimely, a Sofar Session featuring an unreleased new song from Bad Bad Hats, a tour diary of sorts from Kaivama, and a lovely Pandora Whiteboard Session from Low. Enjoy!

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Atmosphere - "Ain't Nobody"

This striking, sensual video for Atmosphere's "Ain't Nobody," is wisely released on the days leading up to Soundset on Sunday, where Slug and Ant will take the stage along with Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Mac Miller, Brother Ali, POS, and a whole host of other talented MC's. It's always one of the hottest shows in town, and this year should be no exception. This clip, which is indebted to Robert Palmer's iconic videos from the 80's (which were in turn an homage to the artist Patrick Nagel), was directed by Carmela Makela and stars models Melissa Kimbro and Nix Mione, who give the video a decidedly erotic but otherworldly vibe.

Trampled By Turtles - "Midnight On The Interstate"

If you thought this Trampled By Turtles' track couldn't get more moving and poignant, wait to you watch this meticulously crafted stop-animation video for "Midnight on the Interstate." The story that the clip tells is just as tender and heartbreaking as the song itself, with director/producer Stephanie Erlandson and her talented team of animators perfectly capture the wistful nature of the track. No matter what you think of TbT's music, you should still watch this clip -- it's one of the best videos you'll see this year. And, just like with the beginning to Up, you should probably keep a box of tissues nearby, just in case.

On An On - "Every Song"

The well-deserved buzz for On An On continues to build, both here in their hometown of Minneapolis, and throughout the U.S. and Europe as well. And this stunning new video for "Every Song" should certainly garner the band some more fans as well. The ethereal clip was directed by the talented local filmmakers Isaac Gale and Dan Huiting, who capture the dreamy vibe of the song perfectly. The trio have just returned from a successful European tour, and are set to play some shows throughout the U.S. with Junip over the next month or so, as well as a high profile stop at Bonnaroo, followed by a homecoming set at the Bascillica Block Party on July 13.

BNLX - "Vibrant"

BNLX's Ed and Ashley Ackerson recently traveled to Europe, and if their Facebook photos didn't make you jealous enough of all the sweet sights they were taking in, this striking black & white video for "Vibrant" certainly will. The clip was shot on their journeys through Amsterdam, and suitably captures the soaring energy of the track itself, which is drawn from BNLX's debut full-length LP. The trio are set to play their first ever shows in California in June, then return home to play a show at the Triple Rock on June 21 in support of Parquet Courts.

Low - "Plastic Cup (Pandora Whiteboard Session)"

Pandora frequently brings in bands and musicians to play intimate sets for their staff, a definite perk of working for the company if ever there was one. This 'Whiteboard Session' features Duluth trio Low playing in front of an actual whiteboard, and continues the black & white trend on Local Frames this week. Not only is the performance a gorgeous one, I just love the fact that Alan Sparhawk is singing these acerbic words to this room full of people working in the fringes of the music industry, "Maybe you should go out and write your own damn song, and move on." It's too perfect.

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