20 gorgeous GIFs from Rock the Garden 2013

Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

Just like we did last year, here are a selection of GIFs highlighting the many unforgettable sights of Rock the Garden 2013. As it turned out, the Walker Art Center's lawn and parking garage, thanks to Dan Deacon, proved crucial to this year's event.

Photographer Anna Gulbrandsen braved the puddles, the crowds, and drones to get a variety of awesome moments featuring Metric, Silversun Pickups, Bob Mould, Low, and Deacon that will repeat eternally here on Gimme Noise. 

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3:45 p.m. Just as Dan Deacon was about to start his set, a downpour erupted. Fortunately, his gear was portable enough that he could shift into the Walker's underground parking facility. "This is gonna be a little crazy," the stocky, bearded Baltimore avant-electronic artist said once he had the mic. "I'm sure you all realize that." 

But the crowd was game not to get soaked -- by rain anyhow -- and started sweating to Deacon's glitchy beats.

For the most part, Deacon distinguished himself most by providing wisecracks while directing the crowd ("Form a large circle in the center all the way back to the Acuras") and the security ("Don't worry, these guys are my bandmates"). He facilitated a number of dance competitions with an audience that was game for just about anything.

"If the person in the leadership position sucks, then replace them with yourself," he said, semi-anarchically.

As it came time to send people back into the outside world, even Deacon was admitting that this was a weird show by his standards. He then instructed everyone to form a never-ending London Bridge to exit the performance.

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