batteryboy's Cobey Rouse: I just wanted to write a pretty song

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To hear them tell the story, batteryboy has been the project that Rouse, Frid, and Carranza have all been waiting for--but there was no one who needed it as much as Rouse did.

"I think for the first time in my life, I feel like maybe I can do music with my life. And these two, that is their life. And I've always been kind of on the outside of that, just wishing that I could do that," explains Rouse. "Now it's like, 'Maybe I can do something with this. Maybe it's real!' I'm still kind of scared of that."

Those are palpable emotions that are clear themes throughout Up For Air. "If you dare, something's bound to make it's way/into your heart, if you can make the space," sings Rouse on "The Possible." It's easy to imagine those lines as a mantra for batteryboy--after all, it's those open-hearted thoughts that has made Rouse's band successful. Up For Air is an achievement for batteryboy--and Rouse in particular--in a lot of ways, but perhaps the biggest accomplishment of the record lies in the power that Rouse has found within himself.

"A record is a stamp. This was you at that time," says Rouse as he thinks about his next steps. "I feel really fulfilled with what's on it. I think it's beautiful. I'm super proud of it. I can't wait to share it... and I'm interested to put some new ideas on the next one."

batteryboy will be releasing their debut full-length this Saturday, June 22 at Icehouse along with Bethany Larson and the Bees Knees. Tickets are $8. Doors at 10:30 p.m. 21+. Info here.

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