First Avenue 20th anniversary profile on MTV's 120 Minutes from 1990 emerges

Paul Westerberg recalls Prince watching the Replacements in the Entry.
The Minneapolis music scene and MTV get an enjoyable look back in a clip recently unearthed marking First Avenue's 20th anniversary. Hosted by British VJ Dave Kendall, the segment features plenty of vintage footage of Prince, the Replacements, Soul Asylum, the Mighty Mofo's, Man Sized Action, and more luminaries from the Twin Cities' past.

"Like CBGB's in New York, the First Avenue club in Minneapolis has served as one of America's most important clubs," Kendall says. With interviews with Kevin Cole, Steve McClellan, Bob Mould, and Paul Westerberg, this is an engaging snapshot of a hot time in our city's history. Remember Glam Slam?

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"We've always downplayed glamour and the glitziness, and the music's been the central issue here," Cole says in the clip.

A great, old anecdote from Paul Westerberg about Prince coming in to watch the Replacements in the Entry with a huge entourage lurks within too. Watch below! (HT: Kyle Matteson.)

The end of the clip intros Soul Asylum's "Easy Street," so we've provided it here.

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Kat Coats
Kat Coats

This is amazeballs, but i will point out the elephant in the room here, WHY HASN'T THE REPLACEMENTS BEEN BOOKED TO PLAY AT FIRST AVE?!?!?!?!?! Seriously booker of the main room at First Ave, you are failing, hard.


@Kat Coats Seriously, Kat, you clearly are very excited, but know very little about booking. We're all crossing our fingers for a local show, especially at First Ave. Blame the band, not the venue.

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