Hold Steady drummer opening Lake Street bar in Brooklyn

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Photo by Stacy Schwartz
According to our own cover story, Bobby "Rock Eagle" Drake (above) was an auto mechanic at Brookside Amoco in St. Louis Park just before he joined the Hold Steady in 2005. Since then, Drake's fortunes have changed -- drastically. Later this year, he and some of his New York pals in other bands, including Spoon, w/o., and the Wanted are opening a bar in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Why is this of relevance? Well, they've decided to name the place Lake Street. As in that street you were probably on at some point today already. As in the one detailed in Lifter Puller's "Lake Street is for Lovers." That one.

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Gimme Noise is a former Brooklyn resident, so we can attest that this is not the first time that the Midwest has inspired a watering hole. The now-closed Great Lakes had its share of license plates from the area on the walls and signs you'd find out in corn fields decorating the wall. Also, Wilco's "California Stars" played on the jukebox like once an hour.

Hopefully the spot on 706 Manhattan Ave. near the Nassau Avenue G-train stop will fare better. According to Bedford + Bowery, the space is nearly finished, and it should feel "kind of old-man divey but cool bars, you know, where they could be sketchy, but not really," according to Drake. Photographer/roadie Hiro Tanaka's diaries about learning English will provide decoration for one of the bathrooms, and ya know, some Midwestern beers.

See some photos of the place here.


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Loring opened a "pasta bar" in Oakland, but it's not good enough that I'd write an article about it...

Angela Wiberg Morris
Angela Wiberg Morris

But... I thought we were "simple folk" in a "flyover zone" and Minneapolis was perpetually "two years behind" Brooklyn??? Why oh why oh why would anyone there want their city tainted by anything so subpar as to be reminded of such a lame place? Or... Is the irony there getting that fucking painful these days?

Tony Bones
Tony Bones

Mike Theo Mar they biting your steez yo. haha ... Still a dope Idea thooooo.

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