Low's one-song set at Rock the Garden totally ruled

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
Alan Sparhawk: "Drone, not drones."

Duluth experimental rockers Low put on one of the most polarizing performances ever to hit Rock the Garden this year. You see, their entire set consisted of a 27-minute version of their 1996 song "Do You Know How to Waltz?" The dirge-y, slow-building track stretched to nearly twice its recorded length of 14 minutes found on The Curtain Hits the Cast, and it confused the heck out of photographers in the pit waiting for the "first three songs" to be completed.

For many attendees, what they heard was the equivalent of someone hocking a loogie in their Lemongrass Limeade. The consternation all over social media was reminiscent of last year's Atlas Sound show at the Cedar when someone in the crowd requested "My Sharona" and Bradford Cox played a freeform freakout version of it for like 40 minutes. One person even started an @FU_Low Twitter account to express their displeasure. Not everyone hated it, though. And here's why it was right to love Low for what they did.

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Here's a sampling of the anger that spilled out as Low dared to buck convention and challenge their listening audience with something less sweet than a cherry on a spoon.

And the folks who liked it?

Suppose that last one could be taken as positive or negative. But below, Gimme Noise can tell you why Low's performance was one of the best things to ever grace Rock the Garden.

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