Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

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Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week we kick things off with a spirited live clip from local trio Now, Now, shot during the band's recent tour stop in Chicago. We also share a feature that FUSE TV recently aired on John Mark Nelson. We also have new videos from Tom Selleck's Moustache, Christopher Michael Jensen, King Fuvi, and a recently unearthed 2003 TV performance from Alan Sparhawk's experimental side-project, the Hospital People, along with a cool Let's Get Lyrical clip for a track from Dessa. There's also a video preview of a locally created art/music project called Instant Cinema, which will be part of this year's Northern Spark, as well as captivating recent in-studio performances from Foals and Tickle Torture. Enjoy!

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Now, Now - "Wolf (Live at Lincoln Hall)"

Now, Now recently finished up a successful tour with fellow Trans Records labelmates, the Lonely Forest, and the good people at Chalk TV were there when the bands played Chicago's revered Lincoln Hall. This stirring, professionally shot and mixed live clip of Now, Now playing "Wolf," not only documents just how soaring and infections their songs are, but how great a live band they have become due to relentless touring. While the band are taking a moment to rest a bit, drummer Brad Hale is readying a new album from his solo project, Sombear, called Love You In The Dark, which will also be released by Trans Records on July 23.

John Mark Nelson - FUSE TV Feature

This behind-the-scenes feature on local singer/songwriter John Mark Nelson from New York's FUSE TV captures the young musician in the studio, at work on his new record. We get a glimpse and a listen to John while he works his way through an early take on a new song, "Deep In The Night," which will be the closing track on the new album, as well as a live clip of a recent performance at Icehouse. While we here in the Twin Cities have been won over by Nelson's engaging songs for a while now, it's gratifying to see that the rest of the country is starting to catch on as well.

Tom Selleck's Moustache - "Heartbreak 101"

This lively new song from Tom Selleck's Moustache is the title-track from the band's new album. TSM is the creative brainchild of Mischa Suemnig, who has been working on the songs that appear on Heartbreak 101 since winter of 2010. With help from some talented friends, the record has now finally seen the light of day, and this humorous clip, directed by Joe Schaak, captures the catchy, irreverent spirit of the band perfectly, proving that the group is a whole lot more than just an awesome band name.

This video preview for Instant Cinema's upcoming Northern Spark project captures a bit of what is in store for their performance on June 8 at Union Depot in St. Paul. The project is a collaboration between the jazz trio DKO, comprised of John Keston, John Davis, and Graham O'Brien, along with the audiovisual artist David T. Steinman and artistic director Jon Steinhorst. The project delves into how each individual immerses themselves in their chosen visual and sonic environment, and how those realities can be intermingled and transformed, through both what we hear and what we see. The clip was shot at their recent performance for the Visual Storage exhibition, and certainly has me intrigued to see what they come up with for Northern Spark.

Dessa - "Warsaw (Official Lyric Video)"

Dessa's new album, Parts Of Speech, is due out on Doomtree Records on June 25, and this video for "Warsaw" brings the lyrics of the new track to visual life, helping the listener keep up with Dessa's rapid-fire thoughts and rhymes. Before she hits the road for a long summer tour in support of the new album, including a sold-out show at First Avenue on June 29, Dessa will be hitting four record shops throughout Minnesota on the album's release day -- beginning with a midnight listening party and signing at Fifth Element, before heading to the Electric Fetus in both Duluth and Saint Cloud for in-store performances and signings, and concluding back at the Fetus in Minneapolis for another in-store performance and signing at 8 p.m. Dessa is definitely going to be doing some major work on June 25.

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