Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

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Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

After using last week to highlight some of the year's best videos so far, we're back with a strong collection of new and exciting vids this time around, leading off with a touching love letter to the Twin Cities from Communist Daughter, who are finally playing a local show after seven months away from an area stage.

We are also featuring the enchanting initial offering from Sombear, the electronic-laden side-project from Now, Now drummer Brad Hale. And, following all of the uproar and discussion that Low generated with their divisive/inspired Rock The Garden set, we are featuring a somewhat more conventional video offering from their lovely latest record, The Invisible Way. We've also got fantastic new videos on offer from Bad Bad Hats, BNLX, L'Assassins, Monica LaPlante, Nallo, a dynamic freestyle clip from Kristoff Krane, and a sweet North Shore Session from the Farewell Circuit. Enjoy!

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Communist Daughter - "City Love"

To celebrate their long awaited live return to the Twin Cities at the Cedar on June 27 (a shocking seven months since their last local show), Communist Daughter have released a new video for "City Love," which indeed is a visual love letter from the band to the Twin Cities and all of the places that make living here so special for them and for us. The gorgeous clip was put together by Seven & Sixty Productions, and certainly captures plenty of local landmarks as well as beloved neighborhood haunts and area businesses. The group is in the process of recording new material, and hopefully plenty of those songs will see their debut at the Cedar as the band makes a triumphant return to a local stage.

Sombear - "Love You In The Dark"

As the star continues to rise for Brad Hale's main band, Now, Now, the talented musician has been stealthily working on a batch of ethereal, electronic solo songs that he is set to release as Sombear, whose debut album Love You In The Dark will be released on July 23rd via Trans-Records. Hale directed, filmed, and edited the video for the record's title track himself, giving the seductive number a ghostly, isolated ambiance that certainly bodes well for Sombear's forthcoming release.

Low - "Plastic Cup"

Everyone seems to have an opinion about Low as of late. But no matter what side of the fence you find yourself in the great debate about the merits of their single-song Rock the Garden performance, there are still plenty of gorgeous moments to be found throughout their recent record, The Invisible Way, including the acerbic "Plastic Cup." This striking black and white video was directed by Ryley Fogg, and finds the band performing within their own watery plastic cup while a series of ominous dancers sway elegantly along with the track's haunting melody. It's now time for everyone to move beyond #Lowgate, and rediscover how wonderful their music truly is.

Bad Bad Hats - "It Hurts"

Bad Bad Hats take to a hockey rink for their first official music video, which playfully compliments the title-track to their debut EP, It Hurts. While hockey players use their sticks to help beat out the song's rhythm and check each other into the boards around the band, Kerry Alexander sings her sprightly lyrics before joining in the fun herself. The sportive clip was directed by Alex Bowes, and perfectly captures the buoyant but biting nature of the track. Catch Bad Bad Hats at the Kitty Cat Klub this Saturday night with We Are The Willows and the Daredevil Christopher Wright's Jonathan Sunde.

BNLX - "1929"

BNLX's Ed and Ashley Ackerson continue to share more visual proof of the great time they recently had in Europe with this clip for "1929," which is filled with delightful images from lovely Barcelona. The soaring track was one of the clear standouts to BNLX's recent LP, and this video only adds to the tracks wistful appeal. After making a trek out to California for their first live shows ever in the Golden State, the group returns home for a show tomorrow night at the Triple Rock in support of Parquet Courts. It will definitely be a good one.

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