Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

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Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

We kick off this week's Local Frames featuring an ethereal new video for A. Wolf & Her Claws, which sadly might be the last artistic statement you see from the project for a while, as Aby focuses on her other musical outlets. We've also got new videos from Musab, ACTN, Morality Crisis, John Charles, the Badinovs, Smart Guy Chevelle, and a Lights and a Backdrop clip from Sean Anonymous. We're also featuring some terrific recent in-studio performances from Batteryboy and Hollow Boys. Enjoy!

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A. Wolf & Her Claws - "Pluto"

This enthralling new video for "Pluto" from A. Wolf & Her Claws represents the last thing you will see and hear from the captivating project for the foreseeable future, as Aby Wolf has put the band on indefinite hiatus while she concentrates on her various other musical endeavors (performing with Dessa and Grant Cutler to name just a few). This intoxicating clip was directed by Nicholas Larkins Perez and Jon Dahlin, who compliment the electronic pulse of the track with illusory images of Aby and the band dancing to the track's hypnotic rhythms. Hopefully, Aby will revive this project in the future when she has more time to devote to it.

Hollow Boys - "Wild (Live on Radio K)"

Local gloomy garage rockers Hollow Boys dropped by the Radio K studios to raucously see off the long-time host of Off the Record, Chase Mathey. This fiery take on "Wild" was part of a round-robin of five local bands who all stopped by the studio for rapid fire live sessions, which seemed to only add to the urgent nature of the performances themselves. The live clip was shot by Ross Koeberl, Jett Leonard, and Jack Buckholz, who also edited the video as well.

Batteryboy - "Choosing Sides (Live on KFAI)"

This intimate KFAI performance from Batteryboy is part of the station's ongoing Live From Studio 5 sessions, which shine a spotlight on burgeoning local bands by giving them an opportunity to perform for a large radio audience. This delicate, lovely performance of "Choosing Sides" has some subtle Sigur Rós elements found at the start of the clip, before Cobey Rouse and Shannon Frid guide the poignant song forward with their wistful vocals.

Musab - "The Revival"

Musab makes a bold, dynamic return to the Twin Cities hip-hop scene with his new EP, The Revival, which is released exclusively in digital format by Fifth Element. The entire EP was produced by Big Jess from Unknown Prophets, and finds the MC assertively delivering his insightful rhymes over inventive, laid-back beats. The video for the title track (and first single) of Musab's new collection was directed by Ink Well, and perfectly compliments the old-school vibe of the track with some tranquil, nostalgia-laden images.

ACTN - "Living City"

Hot Ashes' singer Gus Watkins changes pace on his new electronic-driven project, ACTN, and this ethereal clip for "Living City" is drawn from their new two-track release which also features "Should've Known." Watkins directed the video for "Living City" as well as crafting all of the music for the project, which really represents a bold stylistic shift for the musician from his his prog-laden past. ACTN will be releasing a succession of digital 7-inches throughout the year, and if this first glimpse of what the project has in store is any indication, ACTN should add a dynamic new direction to the local music scene.

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