Cody Simpson at Mill City Nights, 7/2/13

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Photo by Youa Vang
Cody Simpson with Ryan Beatty and Before You Exit
Mill City Nights, Minneapolis
Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It makes you wonder what you have done with your life when Australian performer Cody Simpson has been selling records worldwide and traveling the world with his music -- and he's only 16 years-old. Simpson plays instruments, sings, and dances all the while sporting the tightest arm muscles shown off by his sleeveless shirts. Each move he made and everything he said in his Australian accent induced a round of howls from the young girls in the crowd. If small dogs were allowed into Mill City Nights on Tuesday, they would have been driven crazy by the high-pitched screams.

When there's a venue change [from the State Theater to Mill City Nights], it sometimes is a sign of trouble that tickets are not selling as well, but Cody didn't let that affect him, nor did he let it on with how sick he was. With dance moves along with backup dancers to rival Justin Bieber, the tawny haired Simpson opened with "Be the One" and moved around onstage with delight in his element.

Every one of Cody's songs circles around the subject of love, or what love looks like to a 16-year-old, and Simpson knows how to sell it. Each is poppy with catchy hooks, and just in time for the prime of summer, Cody will be releasing the title track off his upcoming album Paradise in two weeks. He did not miss his chance to plug the album.

Photo by Youa Vang
Simpson can be described as a mix between Justin Bieber and Jack Johnson with his beachy/summery vibe. Saying to the audience, "You probably have never heard this song before," which was probably true since the average age of the audience was 14, he launched into a cover of Jack Johnson's "Bubble Toes." Those who knew the tune sang along, feeling as if they were privileged enough to be ahead of the game and shared a mutual knowledge of music that paralleled Cody's.

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