Cody Simpson at Mill City Nights, 7/2/13

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Photos by Youa Vang
To the regular concert-goer, Simpson's onstage banter may seem a little canned -- he even teased taking off his shirt when he mentioned how hot he was -- but each young girl in the audience felt as if he was singing to her. One girl was lucky enough to sit awkwardly onstage as he donned a lei and sang "Angel" to her, even dancing with her while holding his guitar.

Cody's backup band and dancers are certainly talented and pop music may not give them much room to stretch their chops, but "If You Left Him For Me" allowed the band to bring out the keytar and let his guitarist shred while Simpson made a quick costume change into a black tank top.

In keeping with a generation that grew up with the internet, Cody made a name for himself via the web, and invited girls to send in pictures of themselves for a photo montage to be played during "Pretty Brown Eyes." Hopefully no one with blue eyes didn't feel too discriminated when that was a requirement for the photos.

With such a young audience, the attention span didn't call for a long set, especially with curfew looming at 10 p.m., so as Cody finished "Pretty Brown Eyes," a group of young girls quickly exited the venue -- perhaps rushing outside to wait by his tour bus -- not realizing there would be an encore of his biggest hit "iYiYi." The song was made famous with the help of Flo Rida (the key to a successful pop song is to collaborate with a rapper), and released when Cody was just 13. The song had every girl in the room singing along to the chorus that gets stuck in your head. Let's hope they're still singing it five years from now when they have moved on their Cody Simpson crush.

Critic's bias: It's always interesting to me to see the life cycle of a pop star. Simpson can either be selling out stadiums in a few years or just a picture in Tiger Beat hidden away in a closet.

The crowd: Young girls -- as young as 7 years-old -- and their parents.

Overheard in the crowd: "That girl just got 'leid' by Cody Simpson."

Random notebook dump: Simpson's music was so bubble-gum pop, that it invited girls to throw bubble-gum on the floor -- which I stepped in.


Be the One
La Da Dee
Wish You Were Here
Awake All Night
Bubble Toes (Jack Johnson cover)
Not Just You
On My Mind
All Day
Got Me Good
If You Left Him For Me
Pretty Brown Eyes


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