Counting Crows at Myth, 7/9/13

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Photos by Nicole Oran

Counting Crows with The Wallflowers
Myth, St. Paul
Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On Tuesday night, Counting Crows set started with the lights low and Bill Withers' "Lean on Me" playing as the crowd sang along in anticipation for the emergence of Adam Duritz's unmistakable, voluminous locks to enter from the side of the stage. A classic sing-in-unison song was an optimal way to unite the fans from the get-go and prepare them for what would be a night of collective nostalgia and celebration of a band's long-lasting career.

From the very beginning with "Round Here," Duritz started what would be a show full of deep emotive expression on stage. His animated facial expressions, hand and arm gestures and dramatic body language was that more of a theatrical one-man show under a spot light who happened to be backed by a band, most of which have been together for almost twenty years.


That said, Duritz doesn't focus just on his stage presence and a connection with the audience. He sings just as much to the other band members in songs like "High Life," highlighting the relationship they have and the comradery that comes with spending a significant portion of their lives together, creating songs that an entire venue of fans can relate to.

The Wallflowers opened the show and displayed a much different approach to stage presence and performance. In true Dylan fashion, Jakob Dylan looked cool in all black, wore a hat and shallowly gazed into the audience. It's hard to decide whether the set was slightly boring or if Dylan is just super chill and stands still so that swooning women have a better chance of memorizing the angles of his face. They played a solid collection of new and older songs, mixed in some covers like the Box Tops' "The Letter" and David Bowie's "Heroes," and rightfully wrapped up the set with "One Headlight" and "The Difference."

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