The best Twin Cities concerts of 2013 (so far)

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Photo by Erik Hess

At the halfway point of 2013's concert year in the Twin Cities -- things feel pretty satisfying. We've already experienced six months of polarizing sets, surprise shows, reunions, long-awaited returns, and this is before the Replacements have played a single note live.  

Some the most deeply felt and visually entrancing images have sorted themselves out. With the help of some dedicated freelancers, Gimme Noise assembled the best Twin Cities concerts of 2013. Have at it in the comments section with the ones that were your favorites.

Photo by Erik Hess
15. Zach Sobiech at Varsity Theater, 2/16/13
From Reed Fischer's review: "Songwriting has long been a tool to express the aches and worries of difficult living. The examples of artists who met early and tragic ends, like Elliott Smith or Jeff Buckley, are numerous. The difference for Sobiech, however, is he has a disease beyond his control, but his mind is sharp, and the situation completely in his comprehension... Trying to pack a lifetime's worth of expression into a short time is a tall order, but he's doing it."

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Photo by Stacy Schwartz
14. Dan & Matt Wilson at Pantages Theatre, 2/1/13
From Youa Vang's review: "The highlight of the evening came in the form of a hybrid acoustic version of 'Closing Time.' On 'Kandy' they grabbed their phones and recorded the brothers, Dan on piano and Matt on guitar, holding the audience captive with the well-known song that ebbs, flows, and builds up to something wonderful."

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
13. How to Dress Well at Triple Rock Social Club, 4/1/13
From Pat O'Brien's review: "Krell found a way to strike a perfect balance, getting his point across while not, almost literally, crushing the crowd to death with it... He ended the set with a daring, phenomenal acapella cover of Janet Jackson's "I'll Never Fall in Love With You Again," for which he stepped away from his microphones once again and stood at the edge of the stage, the crowd staying mum once more and his own "Set It Right" making for a stunning beginning to the evening."

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Photo by Erik Hess
12. Bombino at the Cedar Cultural Center, 6/11/13
From Keith Harris's review: "He avoids rock's frenzied drive up the fretboard toward ejaculatory liberation, and he was more likely to climax, if you insist, with some aggressive chording... But we already knew Bombino was a killer guitarist. The performance's real revelation was the drumming, more forceful than on the recordings, though never pushy. What served as a firm bone structure in the studio became the muscle propelling the music on stage."

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Photo by Erik Hess
11. Fall Out Boy at Myth, 6/26/13
From Youa Vang's review: "To the cynic, Fall Out Boy's promise of saving rock 'n' roll may seem like they're overreaching, but to the future generation [they] may be the answer."

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