The passion of Lil B fans at Pitchfork Music Festival

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Photo by Erik Hess
Lil B in the protective arms of his fans at Union Park in Chicago.
The cult of Lil B is often more engrossing to behold than the man himself. During the final day of the 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, the Bay Area rapper drew out thousands of impassioned followers who were ready to protect Lil B at all costs.

The set featured feverish dancing across the stage by the creator of the BasedWorld, and the upbeat music showered on the crowd was eclipsed by an overwhelming swell of positivity in his words. For each time that the word "love" was uttered, it was expressed a thousand more times by the enraptured audience. Photographer Erik Hess and Gimme Noise were in the middle of it all, and here's what we saw and felt.

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Lil B at Cabooze, 9/28/12

Photos by Erik Hess
Pink bandannas were in abundance throughout the crowd, and the Task Force matched B's stylistic flair with lots of colorful patterns on their shirts. When there was an opportunity to chant along to his signature expressions -- "You can fuck my bitch," for example -- it was taken. Even Toro Y Moi, who performed after him on the stage across the park had to say "Thank you, Based God."


Photos by Erik Hess
The high-energy set kept B in motion, and eventually it had to come to an end. After an impassioned speech about how he's not perfect, he ordered the crowd if they wanted him to wrap up early to chant "Lil B, leave," but it only began the eventual chants of "Lil B, stay!" Then, he took off his shirt and got into the pit to embrace his fans.

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