Warped Tour 2013 at Canterbury Park, 7/21/13

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
Warped Tour 2013
Canterbury Park, Shakopee
Sunday, July 22, 2013

Warped's tagline this year was "Best Day Ever." For some kids who wait all year for this day, that motto certainly rings true. The Vans Warped Tour plays out a little like a high school lunch room, but only with more misfits and kids that don't fit in outnumbering the popular kids. Each summer, the tour pulls up with its trucks, tents, and tour buses, giving these kids a chance to their rite of passage that summer affords them. With the rain out of the way early in the morning, the day cleared up to a sunny, delicious summer day perfect for muddy mosh pits and havoc.

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Warped creator Kevin Lyman's lineup this year seemed very ska heavy, including bands like Beebs and Her Money Makers -- who sound less like No Doubt and more like Save Ferris -- and veteran ska rockers Reel Big Fish and Big D and the Kids Table. Known as the band that is "always on every Warped," Big D has been playing the tour for nine years, and lead singer David McWane shares the story of how the band initially made their way into Lyman's radar, "He [Lyman] saw how hard working we were, and we just kept telling him, 'You can say no to us today, but we're still gonna be here tomorrow and the next day,' but we said it in a nice way."

Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
Reel Big Fish
Another person who "forced" her way onto the tour is a singer who recently starred on The Voice, Juliet Simms. The young performer followed the tour and snuck into tents to sing some sets; when Kevin found out, she charmingly convinced him to allow her to play on the summer tour. The singer had a chip on her shoulder when she was younger because of her thoughts on how people viewed her as a woman in the industry. She has since grown up and realized the world isn't against her and learned to use that view in a positive way. Although she was on television and The Voice gave her a bigger audience, Simms wants to be defined by the message of persistence and being able to achieve your goals by working hard no matter the odds.

Each stage has a corporate sponsor, and at this point in time, bands are no longer thought of as "selling out" when they play these stages, but rather proud to be backed by these names. New this year was the Spotify electronic stage that hosted DJs, rappers, and EDM performers that didn't fit in on the other stages such as MC Lars and Frankfurt native Kairo Kingdom. One to watch was Wallpaper from California. The band featured an interesting set that brought in dubstep, rap, and a talented band to accompany the loops -- not to mention the highest energy of the crowd whose energy was waning at that point in the day.

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