Cory Chisel with surprise guest Norah Jones at 7th St Entry, 8/12/13

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Photo by Mark Kartarik

Cory Chisel, the Candles, Ariel Denae, and Space Woman
With special guest Norah Jones
7th St. Entry, Minneapolis
Monday, August 12, 2013

A small crowd gathered around the 7th St. Entry stage as the Americana-folk rock opening band Space Woman quietly began playing the first songs of the night. A plain white sign in bold said, "NO Flash Photography" at the side of the stage, and not even one song into the night somebody in the crowd used their flash. But, to the surprise of some, a First Avenue employee rushed over and asked the individual to cut the flash -- something that doesn't happen at most typical Entry shows. But this wasn't your typical Entry show.

At about the middle of Spacewoman's brief set, lead guitarist Pete Remm introduced a certain woman sitting at the keyboard singing backing vocals and playing violin. Her name was Norah Jones.

Jones was mostly quiet, didn't address the crowd, and remained focused on the performance for the night. After that introduction, the people standing in the back quickly started to fill up the floor in disbelief. Yes, they heard correctly, fans who came to see Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons would be treated to the sultry sounds of a Grammy winner, and so much more. (Note: Jones appeared on this tour last week. Chisel has opened for her in the past, and her bassist fronts Candles.)

After the first set, the crowd grew larger and seemed more attentive and engaged with the events taking place before them. All of these artists are wonderful musicians, and the crowd knew they were in for a special night. Candles played a rousing set and another surprise guest was waiting in the wings in the form of Gary Louris of the Jayhawks. He led Candles to the Jayhawks' "Save It for a Rainy Day," which set the festive tone of the night. Later on, Corey would exclaim to the crowd that Candles was Louris's favorite band.

Photos by Mark Kartarik

Finally, after all, fans did come to see Cory Chisel. He took to the stage and joined the Wandering Sons (who had already been playing most of the night in Candles and Spacewoman) to what seemed like a sold-out crowd. The first thing out of Corey's mouth was, "Do you think we all can get shots of whiskey up here by the end of the first song?" Adriel Denae, who also performed throughout the night interjected, "I'll take a tequila!"

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