D'Angelo cancels Tuesday night show at First Ave

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Steve Cohen
Just when it seemed that all was right in the world of D'Angelo, there's fresh reason to have our doubts: Early this afternoon, First Avenue announced the sad news that the reclusive R&B legend has abruptly canceled his performance in the Mainroom, which was due to commence in less than 36 hours.

Coming so quickly on the heels of D'Angelo's long-awaited return to Minneapolis back in June -- in a breathtaking appearance with the Roots' drummer, Questlove -- this news hits doubly hard. First off, of course, is that he was due to appear with a full band this time, which was cause enough for excitement. And second off, given his troubled past, it's just the sort of behavior we'd hoped we'd seen the last of from the Voodoo star.

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At this point, of course, such worries are nothing more than that: questions without answers. What we do know is that the show has been canceled, and refunds will be available from Etix and the Depot (depending on method of purchase). Here's what First Avenue had to say:

Due to a medical emergency, D'Angelo is unable to perform tomorrow night at First Avenue. He expresses his sincere regret due to this unfortunate circumstance. More information is forthcoming.
We'll have an update when we know more.

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So glad I got to see him with ?.  It was fucking great.  Hope all is well. 

Ronda Schultz
Ronda Schultz

Are you FUCKING Kidding me!!??? Didn't get into last show due to 'posers' that only know ?uestlove via Jimmy Fallon buying up all the tickets...Now I get tickets for this round and he CANCELS!!? Smdh


Crack Induced cardiac arrest will do it every time !!!

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