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From what I understand, stickering albums is voluntary for record labels. Do you remember discussing the sticker with Rick Rubin?

Well, actually, back then it wasn't voluntary. There was a group that would listen to it and sticker it. Now it's voluntary. Back then, it was a group that would listen to your records and say, "Well, it needs 'Parental Advisory.'" It was kind of like the PMRC.
In other words, they kind of gave in to the PMRC a little, even though they wouldn't do what the PMRC wanted, what they did agree to was that there would be a group that would listen to a record and give it a "Parental Advisory." But really, what they didn't realize was that by giving it that sticker, it meant that it was approved for every kids who hate everything to buy it. [Laughs] So a Danzig and a Slayer record had the sticker, they were like, "Oh, it's got to be good because it has the sticker on it." You're not gonna see that sticker on a fucking Bon Jovi record.

When is the covers album you've been working on coming out?

It's done. I'm just waiting for my new deal for it to come out. I'm hoping for late fall. But we'll see.

How did you get together with [The Runaways'] Cherie Currie?

I recorded "Some Velvet Morning" with her. These managers that I fired wanted me to use some hip, new dorky chick. I was like, "No." And they were like, "Who were you thinking about?" And I was thinking of Cherie Currie. They were like, "What? No. No." I was like, "Yeah, it'll be cool." And of course they were so wrong, and I was so right. [Laughs] She's got a great voice. And you know her history. She's really easy to work with and really excited. It was great.

She's playing with me here in L.A. at the Universal Amphitheater. Gibson bought the rights to the name a while ago. We've played there a bunch, and they wanted us to play the last week before it got torn down for a Harry Potter ride. She went crazy when I asked her to do it and said, "Yeah, I've always wanted to play there. I never have." It's where she first saw David Bowie when she was 14 and it made her want to be a singer. And she's just so excited, it's great. I love that venue. It's one of my favorite places to play.

Your covers album also contains a Black Sabbath cover. Which song did you choose?

"N.I.B." I did an arrangement for it, back when [the 1994 Black Sabbath tribute album] Nativity in Black came out, and they couldn't work out a deal with Rick. I think they wanted singles rights and he wouldn't give it to them. So I did an arrangement for "N.I.B.," and for this album I retooled it and showed it to Tommy [Victor, guitar] and Johnny [Kelly, drums] and we did it.

I always liked your "Hand of Doom" cover.

Yeah, my "Hand of Doom" cover is crazy. I change stuff up. If you're not going to give a cover your own stamp, why cover it?

Do you have any favorite memories of coming through Minneapolis?

No. [Laughs] I remember all the gigs. I remember Samhain playing downstairs at the 7th St. Entry. I remember doing the upstairs with Danzig, a lot of different memories. There's been so many shows that we've done.

What were those Samhain gigs like? Misfits shows were so legendarily violent. Were Samhain gigs the same?

Yeah, in the beginning of Samhain, of course, and probably toward the end, there was no barricade. Sometimes you actually played on the floor right there with the fans. So anyone who got out of line, you had to deal with them yourself. There was no security or anything. I remember having to elbow people in the face and take people down while I'm singing and things like that. [Laughs] And there was a lot of cool stuff, too, where everyone would just come in and you'd put the mic out and everybody would just sing along. It was much different later on.

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